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Visual Dreams was created on September 18th, 2013. Almost six years here on RoleplayRepublic! We provide free profile and roleplay layouts. Layouts shown here are not suited for AFF. Created by Pizzaisdope, your local rpr meme-lord. You may see me around roleplaying. Depending on my schedule, there is no guarantee that I will update constantly. I do indeed apologize for my 2 year hiatus. I am happy to be back, so thank you for your support.
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01. Favoriting is required if using a layout. Upvoting is optional but very appreciated. 

02. Unfortunately I do not take any requests. This is only a gallery and not a shop.  

03. I tend to crank out more profile layouts than roleplay layouts. 

04. PLEASE do not use our code as a base code. 

05. You are more than welcome to tweak to your liking, but do not remove the credit. 

06. If you are using a layout, please comment which one below! 

07. You are not allowed under any circumstances to remove the credit. I work hard and I would like my work appreciated. I currently do not have a blacklist, so let's keep it that way. Please note, although I do not have a blacklist, if you ualize minors or even defend that it is okay, you are not allowed to use my layouts. Okay sweaty :)

08. No bashing is allowed. If you do not enjoy my layouts, you're welcome to click off the page. I have included some recommendations to the right.

09. Thank you so much for your support over the years. I will try my best to work hard and improve. 



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camisado 2 days ago
using 006
seouluster 3 days ago
using 017! thank you.
dramawhore- 4 days ago
hihi using 010. Thank you!
sagittarius 5 days ago
using 014!
IntergalacticSquid 6 days ago
Using don’t be shy from the archive
using black 010!
love4you 1 week ago
using 006-p
savage-bunbun 1 week ago
Using 002, thank you! ♡
IntergalacticSquid 1 week ago
Using 009
Thank you
The-Scientist 1 week ago
using 003 thank you
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