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♡ christopher bang 1 minute ago Reply

♡ kim seokwoo 31 seconds ago Reply
they make him look like a whole snacc

♡ yeo hwanwoong 1 minute ago Reply

i was going to say how is my favorite person, but then that happened-

♡ park jimin [A] 2 seconds ago Reply

chimkin is my new favorite friend

♡ kim yohan 7 seconds ago Reply

now playing: ah choo by lovelyz feat chicken sandwich daddy sneezing

♡ kim yohan 44 seconds ago Reply

you should eat yourself bc u are a snack

♡ kim seokjin 26 seconds ago Reply

chicken sandwich daddy

♡ lee byounggon 1 minute ago Reply

"chicken sandwhich daddy"

♡ matthew kim 6 seconds ago Reply

chicken sandwich daddy

♡ park chanyeol 41 seconds ago Reply

wait chicken sandwich

♡ choi daesu 2 seconds ago Reply

it’s a power move
chicken sandwich

♡ lee hoseok 52 seconds ago Reply

Yes. Im afraid i might offend you if your stage name is indeed chicken sandwich but i doubt it that's your stage name for a second

♡ kim taehyung [A] 59 seconds ago Reply

Jeong is so pretty

♡ lee sejin 5 minutes ago Reply

sammich best boy


my dog named affection aka aejeong