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chae, the people’s princess, queen of hearts.
date of birth
february 11, 1997.
silla, house of the white tiger.
heteroromantic demiual.
love interest
relationship status
engaged to prince jeonghan of gaya.
biomedical engineering degree with distinction from dravrah university.
spoken languages
korean (fluent),
english (fluent),
french (conversational), mandarin (conversational), cantonese (conversational),  japanese (beginner).

she was a queen among plastic pawns, always weighed down by a crown she didn’t ask for. 

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we all lie
her story
— chapter one; emergence. 

It was ten o’clock in the morning on a cold day in February of 1997 when Silla’s First Lady Jeongsuk went into labor. It was another grueling thirteen hours before her child, a son, was pronounced stillborn by the royal physician. It was only thirty minutes afterwards when a handmaiden Prince Siwoo had previously bedded nine months prior reported feeling her first contractions. It was early dawn, some time between five and six in the morning, when her daughter was born and handed to her father while the sun had started rising. Chaeyoung was the result of an affair between Prince Siwoo and one of his servants, but she was beautiful. Oh, so beautiful. One look into her doe eyes, and Prince Siwoo forgot all about the son he had lost hours prior. It was in that moment, with his newborn daughter cradled in his arms, that he made his decision.
It was exactly 24 hours after the First Lady first entered the birthing chambers when Prince Siwoo of Silla announced that his wife had successfully given birth to a healthy daughter.
Unable to say anything to protect Silla’s reputation, First Lady Jeongsuk misdirected her anger towards her husband to the child who had never asked to be born. From birth, Chaeyoung had grown up feeling ostracized and alienated from her “mother.” Despite this, the Prince’s perilous resolution proved fruitful as Chaeyoung grew older and demonstrated nothing short of perfection.
Far more intellectually advanced than children her age, she was always ahead in her studies and at the top of her class. There was nothing she didn’t excel in; literature, sciences, mathematics, combat, household duties — all you had to do was name it, and there was an alarmingly high probability that she had mastered that too. And to top it all off, her bright smile and kind personality always warmed the hearts of the citizens whenever she tagged along with her father for his royal duties. In fact, she was only six years old when they started calling her “the people’s princess.” Even when she got older and had her own responsibilities, she always made sure to greet her people with a smile and treated them with nothing less than respect. To put it simply, Chaeyoung was the epitome of everything the future Queen should be.
As a result of this, the late King and her father agreed to an engagement between her and Crown Prince Jaehyun when they were both at the tender age of sixteen. It was a power play to strengthen the alliance between Goguryeo and Silla. He was the heir to the entire kingdom, and she was the princess who had the hearts of the people lying in her hands. In terms of royal dynamics, they were the perfect pair. On the night of her sixteenth birthday, it was announced to the public that Princess Chaeyoung of Silla would marry Crown Prince Jaehyun of Goguryeo when he took the throne. Overnight, her responsibilities and the amount of attention of her doubled. She was now the Crown Princess, affectionately called “the Queen of Hearts.” And for that, she was adored by the entire nation.
Well, except for a few.
The main exception being her own mother. (Or, at least, that’s what she grew up thinking.) First Lady Jeongsuk, who had never gotten over the loss of her own son, absolutely despised how easily their child was forgotten and replaced by her husband. Chaeyoung was his favorite child. The apple of his eye. A diamond in his litter of rocks. He had spoiled her with the finest education and the most expensive possessions. In the midst of all of it, it seemed that he erased the memories of his late son completely. Lady Jeongsuk was angered even further when Prince Siwoo had announced that Chaeyoung would be his heir(ess), completely livid that a bastard child would be taking reign over such a prestigious clan and marrying the heir to the nation. Despite how harshly the First Lady had treated her, Chaeyoung still only had love and respect for the woman who had raised her. This was actually this reason that pushed her to strive for nothing but greatness; perhaps one day... she’d finally be enough for her mother.
But until then, there would be nothing that could stop her from pursuing the title of Queen. Not until she heard the words “I’m proud of you” leave her mother’s lips.
February 10th, 2013.
Dear diary,
Mother made me kneel on rice again today. This time it was longer than usual... a whole hour. She just sat in front of me and watched the entire time even though I sobbed and begged her to let me go. I don’t understand what I did wrong this time. I’ve been doing my best to stay out of her sight. She kept muttering something: “It should’ve been you.” I don’t know what she was talking about. I must’ve upset her again. It’s all my fault.
I thought she summoned me to her quarters to have some mother-daughter bonding time today, since my 16th birthday is tomorrow and I won’t be able to see her because Father is taking me to the palace. He says that I’m finally a woman now and that the King wants to meet me. Between you and me, I think they’re going to announce that they’ve arranged a marriage between me and Crown Prince Jaehyun. I overheard Father on the phone the other night, yelling about how he found a way to secure my position and that he’d announce it at my birthday party tomorrow night. The advisors must still be upset over the announcement that I’d be inheriting the clan. I care for Jaehyun, I do,  but why must I marry a man in order to prove my worthiness?
I won’t say this to Father because I don’t want to disappoint him like I’ve already done to Mother, but I don’t want to be the leading princess or the future Queen. The robes are too heavy on my shoulders and the crown falls down around my ears. I am no longer my own person; instead, I am the people’s. The fates of thousands of my people will lie in my hands soon. It is already quite suffocating.
Dear diary, thank you for letting me release my burdens onto you. I’m sorry for tainting your fresh pages with such ugly thoughts. I won’t do it again. I’m sorry.
— chapter two; rebirth. 

Chaeyoung knew that everyone had different love languages. She did, and she understood. But the maternal love she had felt for her children had been too different from the “love”—or lack thereof—that she had received from her own Mother, and she knew there was no way she could deny it for any longer.

The head rebel had been right. Princess Chaeyoung of Silla was a bastard child born to her father and one of his handmaidens. The thought hadn’t sunk in when he had first said it (and, in her defense, she was fading in and out of consciousness when he did). But she had remembered it once she had regained consciousness again, and it had lingered on her mind. She had done some research of her own, meddling with hospital records and conducting an anonymous DNA test. Of course, she hadn’t spoken of the matter to anyone. Perhaps she feared that speaking it out loud would have made it all too real. But she had thought about it, time and time again, and eventually the pieces had fallen into place.

She thinks there was a little part of her that had always felt it.

The way she had been alienated from the rest of her siblings, the punishments she’d faced out of nowhere, the hardened glare she had received whenever she was alone with the First Lady. No matter how hard she had strived to become the leading royal Silla needed her to be, Jeongsuk was always there to taunt her failures in her face. A part of Chaeyoung had always known, and as much as the woman had been horrid to her, it still hurt like a to acknowledge it.

But she knew it was better now than never. Holding onto empty hope that, perhaps one day, Jeongsuk would embrace her with open arms was getting more and more detrimental to her mental health. Living life just to please a mother that wasn’t even hers was suffocating.

(And, honestly? Jeongsuk. The old hag isn’t even worth it. She never was.)

It’s then when she hears some shuffling from the cribs, and it’s what pulls her out of her trance as she immediately heads over to check on her children. Byeol is shuffling around in his sleep, squirming his way out of the plush blanket lain over him. Chaeyoung reaches her hand out to pull it back over his frame, but his tiny hand latches onto her fingertip instead. Her heart swells with love, and she pauses in place before straightening up so she can stare down at the twins in adoration.

She had loved these children from the moment she had first stepped into the orphanage with Jeonghan and the twins had smiled up at her as she passed by their crib. She had stopped in front of it for a moment, a gentle smile etching onto her face as she offered them her finger (which they gladly took). The love she felt for them in that moment had fully blossomed in such an overwhelming amount, so much so that it started pouring out from within her and seeping into the universe like petals flowing in the spring breeze. In that moment, she knew she would do anything to protect her little loves. For them, she would move the heavens and the earth if need be.

She’s scared for their future, and for her own, but there’s so much she can’t wait to teach them. Like how to be brave enough to fall over and over again, because she would always be there to pull them back up so that the pitter patter of their footsteps and the melody of their giggles resonate through the family’s home. Like how to be loving and caring, to stumble on rocks and bleed but to never stop craving the smell of morning dew and the feeling of rain puddles under their feet. Like how important it is to follow their own passions, because she’d never want them to grow old and realize they forgot how to be happy in the pursuit for stability. Like how to be kind, to learn to love the fuzzy feeling of warmth that spreads across their chests every time a wide smile stretches itself across someone’s face when they spend their allowance on a friend’s meal rather than frivolously spend it on toys they’ll eventually discard. (She’d teach them that the world runs on these random acts of kindness, but everyone is so deeply immersed in their own troubles that they forget how important it is to smile.) But most of all, she cannot wait to teach them how to love. She’d teach them how to say “I love you,” and never not mean it.

Byeol and Bitna don’t know it yet, but their mother would do anything for them. They don’t know it yet, but their mother is giving up a life she relentlessly pursued because she loves them more. They don’t know it yet, but their mother knows motherhood will be the most difficult yet most rewarding experience she’ll ever have.

Chaeyoung didn’t know it yet, but, perhaps, she had needed Byeol and Bitna to change her.

Because she was truly a mother now—their mother—by every definition, and she always would be.

For them, she would become the mother she herself had always needed.
life update
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welcome to the family, byeol and bitna.

infj-a, the advocate — an ambivert, although leaning towards the introverted side — intiuitive and observant — feels emotions deeply and is able to empathize with others better as a result — tends to be judgmental, but won’t voice it out loud — has an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but actually does something to make a lasting positive impact and is not an idle dreamer —  remains neutral and gets along with most people, but will speak up when needed — is confident in herself and her abilities, but general remains humble unless provoked (i.e. getting underestimated because she is a woman). 


her children, byeol and bitna — her siblings — random acts of kindness — poetry — flowers — haute couture — caramel frappuchinos with whipped cream — the smell of new books — having time to herself.


any type of fighting in general, especially when it comes to competing for power — not being taken seriously because she was the only leading princess (before jaehyun’s death) — people who who have no respect for others.


spending time with her family — volunteering in the silla hospitals, specifically neonatal ward — going about silla and meeting her people — exploring aerok.


to be the best mother she can be for her children — to be the best sister she can be for her siblings — to be the best leading royal silla has ever witnessed — to be happy.


disappointing her people — not being the mother her children deserve — dying before she fulfills everything she needs to do.


her engagement to prince jeonghan is a scam — is now aware she is a bastard child born to prince siwoo and his handmaiden — being a leading royal honestly burns her out — has accepted that she will never be good enough for first lady jeongsuk — is aware late prince jaehyun was the one who sent the assassin after prince jeonghan — is aware that silla helped cover up prince jeonghan’s death, and therefore knows that “jeonghan” is just hanbyeol (and knows she can use it to her advantage when needed) — knows about the affair between prince wonwoo and prince jeonghan — has the family emblem tattooed on her hip (click here for image reference) — sometimes sneaks out at night and goes around town in disguise.

full name
prince jeonghan of gaya.
july 20th, 2020.
there is nothing to see here. this is just a formality. move along now.
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full name
chaeyoung of silla
silla province, aerok
leading royal of silla