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Choi Seungcheol
❝ I no longer demolish walls,
I merely turn into a flower climbing up it. 
Unclenching the fist that became hardened the more i smashed it down  
I caress the wall warmly.❞
Origins: To say nobody expected anything of Choi Seungcheol was an understatement. Nobody even thought of choi seungcheol, the boy in the back of the classroom with more bruises than clean skin. His entire life was built on making himself scarce, living an infinite hide and seek lest he reap the consequences of being in eyeline of his alcoholic father. Something was always his fault: the dishes weren't done, the trash was knocked over, anything that he needed to say just to justify the abuse that made his mom leave so long before. But Seungcheol never gave him the satisfaction of crying out, ever only seeking out the next place to hide away. 

The best place, certainly, was the library. Sun up to sun down he could come in for free, getting a warm place to rest his tired body and an array of all the books he could dream of. reading was his haven, one that soon became his saving grace.

Rebirth: When Seungcheol was accepted into university, the weight off his shoulders was immense. no more couch surfing. no more hiding. he was ready to have a life away that wasn't just in fictional worlds. He could make a life for himself, moving all the way from Daegu to Seoul without telling a single person. Seungcheol was free.

If he were a psychology student, perhaps he would have known that his trauma wouldn't leave just because he did. But instead he found out the hard way, enjoying a freshman year full of drinking his days away and pushing away anyone who wanted to know him. He'd spent so long hiding every facet of himself...what was he supposed to do now that people actually cared to ask about them?
Personality: Cold, brash, often in his own world, though he opens up much better after a few drinks. A poet at heart, he loves the thought of loving others and being loved in return, but all it's ever been to him is a thought. He wants to be around people but doesn't know how to take the initiative, wants to trust people but doesn't know how to believe them. Many mistake him as pretentious or thinking himself too good for them, but it's often the other way around.

Likes: Poetry, americanos, wet grass, bookstores, deep conversations, handwritten letters, those who take the time to know him, fellow introverts, springtime, going on walks, rainy days, petting stray cats, watching the same movies and reading the same books over and over again.

Dislikes: Sugary drinks, those who talk over him, being underestimated or looked down on.

Habits/struggles: Pen-chewer, caffiene addict, heavy drinker, leg bouncer, casual smoker, nail biter, prone to panic attacks.
Goals: For people to enjoy his writing, to prove everyone wrong about him getting nowhere in life, to move people's hearts and make people smile, and to figure out what the hell he's going to do after he graduates. 
Like a Cat | Any Gender | Any Year 
Choi Seungcheol always looked like bad news to you, his stern mannerisms easily putting you off in class. And yet when you see him babbling babytalk to the neighboring stray cats on your way home, it just might be enough to change your mind.
Curiousity | Male | Any Year 
Seungcheol wasn't one to really think about his own uality, prioritizing his writing much more than trivial quandries about such things. That is, until you drunkenly kiss him at a party and cause him to question everything.
Plot Name | Genre | Gender
Assum electram ex, quidam voluptatibus ei eum. Te vis falli aliquam constituam, est wisi bonorum molestiae et. Graeco persius an pro, an velit viris dicant his. Vis ea tamquam omittam, etiam ocurreret mei an.
 The People I Love
I do not love people who have no tears.
I do not love people who do not love tears.
I love people who have become one teardrop.
Joy, too, is not joy without tears.
And can there be love without tears?
The sight of someone sitting in the shade of a tree,
Wiping another's tears...
What serene beauty.

uality: Heteroflexible
Ideal type: Anyone who can push past his many barriers, who can deal with his cold exterior and can understand him despite such a front. 

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Out of Character & Misc

Writing Style: Detailed 1st & Longer 3rd PO
Preferred Method: Plotting > Winging
01. No one liners please, I'm not likely to respond do to it making me struggle for muse.
02. is okay, heavier content is fine, just make sure to reach out first if there's anything particularly triggering about a plot point you're interested in so I know beforehand. 
03. I don't poke or hound about replies. If you haven't responded to me in a week, I'll simply take you off my tracker unless you say otherwise. Though I do prefer you tell me if you want to drop our thread.
04. I'm pretty good at keeping up with my replies, but things do happen! Please don't poke me for replies unless it's been 1 week+. Chances are I'm still keeping up with our plot. 
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