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‘ white wings sprout on the useless things i love. ’
i am akio.
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full name.
akio fujioka
february 14th, 2004
trainee @ sunrise
the history
Money. Fame. Fortune. Those three words are often tied together as one moves from the classic rags-to-riches story. Akio's dad was the classic example of the small town boy whose parents grew up from the devestation after WWII. Akio's dad saw what his parents went through, he remember the struggle he went through and decided that he will never have his parents or his kids suffer that at any costs. So his father went on to become an inventor. He buillt an empire based on home products and went on to became the very person he thought he became. One that never would let his family struggle. Or did he?
Akio's father business is based in Tokyo, but has various business spread out through Japan.
Akio comes into the picture just a little over a decade afte rhis father business took off. Being the youngest son of three boys, Akio by no means had any chance of inheriting any sort of head role in his father's company. However, the bond between his brothers had never grown as all three of them had different mothers. This led to various levels of detachment from the brothers and Akio's father to degree. By the time Akio came around, much of his father's focus was on his older brothers.
So with most of the attention of  the business side garner towards his siblings, Akio was more or less expected to maintain and build up the reputation of his family. But Akio was hungry. He was eager to show his father that he could be the best son out of the trio. So he went about taking each of ventures seriously. Straight As in school, superior reviews in piano compeitions, awards from various sports, and always trying to create various blueprints for his father to look at. But each time Akio tried to show an acheivement, he was waved off with a simple, "Good job." Compared to the numerious praises and gifts doted upon his brothers, those two words meant nothing.
At 14, Akio's oldest brother barely graduated from Tokyo U, only scraping by because of daddy's money and the name that came with it. His oldest was the typical college drunk that party all day every day. Akio was worried when he discovered his brother's drug stash in his room, but the oldest not only threathen to hurt him physically and finacially if he said anything to their father, he would also make sure their father would essentailly disown him. Eventually, when the eldest got into his father's company, he would use his position to help move his drug business. Akio's older brother was the model son, similar to Akio with excelling in anything he did, but he was the spritual successor as he was the one who had the genius mind that their father had. So it only made sense that he would go on to inherit a role in their father's company when he graduated uni.
But around this time, Akio took massive interest into music. All the energy and time he spent trying to emulate his brothers and father went into his newfound passion. Hiphop music became a huge source of inspiration and infulence for the youngster. What went from listening to various eras of the genre went to freestyling in school to writing lyrics in his bedroom to creating whole songs on his laptop. Soon, his father found out and instead of the expected frown upon reaction, his father was immensly proud that his son found something to be excited in. After a long talk-to-talk with his son, he admitted he knew he wasn't a great father. He knew that fatherhood wasn't meant for a man like him, but he said that out of any of his kids, he was the most like him. And all he asked was that he took this passion of his and run with it. Those words became a source of gudiance for the boy's life.
Fast forward to this year, Akio's oldest brother was ousted from the company after it was discovered he was involved in a drug ring, which tainted their father's company to an extent. But the older brother took the reigns and began take massive control from the company, trying to levy the other board members against his father so he could take position of CEO. In the midst of that mess, Akio was scouted during an open mic night in a random bar in Tokyo. Akio did his research and realized the company interested in him was located in South Korea, and was headed by Im Sayuri, an idol that he admired greatly. And seeing that Sunrise had chill atmospher compared to most entertainment companies. Akio decided to brush up on his Korean for a few months before taking the plunge and auditioning, to which he got accepted. He wasn't sure where his career was going to take him, but all he knows was that he wants and needs to make his father proud, and perhaps one day build his own empire.
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don't believe in me, believe in you, believe in the you that believes in himself .

If you are familar with golden retrivers, then you already know what kind of person Akio is. He has a keen eye for things, hardworking, and a loyal friend to anyone. Though headstrong at times, mixed in with a sprinkle of sass, Akio is creative side is shown through his playful nature. So don't expect him to be the most serious one in the room, nor don't expect him to think ahead as he is reactive and acts in the moment generally.

hiphop, basketball, comedy movies, weird fun facts, sunsets, fall weather.


hot weather, cigarettes, unorganiztion, roller coasters, horror movies, selfishness.


losing focus on his goals, his older brothers.


snowboarding, writing poems, photography, binging anime, gaming, thrifting, making music.


rapping, songwriting, composing

lover's name.
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Be patient with me, I can take a while to reply, but generally, I reply as soon as I can. (Gently) Poke me after about five or so days of no replies, I may have forgotten. And just because I may be chatting in the chatroom does not mean I forgot your reply, I may be getting to it, or may not have the muse at that time. I'm always up for plotting or winging, though I prefer plotting. Both pov are fine with me. I can do script to novella. Same for genres.
Important note about roleplaying with me: I do not plot or plan romance. I prefer to allow the chemistry between charas to build as naturally as it can. Plotting previous relationships, however, is fine as long all parties can agree to it.
Lets have fun rping!