Age: 29
Height: 182 cm
Position: Dom top
Rut: 22-28
Status: Married and mated to Donghyun, who is expecting their baby girl.
Occupation: Postdoc + adjunct/part-time professor (biophysics)

Brief bio: [ TW: domestic violence ] Hyeonjoong's life truly started when he was in highschool. The years prior to that were filled with hopelessness due to the anger issues of his alpha father. The hormonal swings of the parent would lead him to beat up his mate and his son, who were both too weak to fight back or to even protect themselves. As a fellow alpha, Hyeonjoong believed he was fated to become an adult just as repulsive. That was until one of his teachers decided to believe in him and show him there was a different future waiting to be written. Since then, he is fully invested in studying and the academia, hoping his discoveries can influence not only his life but also the world around him.

Personality: He is the kind of person who knows how to work hard but also how to have fun and be playful when he's free. When he's not giving or preparing classes he'll often be found at the gym or having a beer with his friends after work. When it comes to love, he has his issues and would rather sleep around with no strings attached.

Rut: He is able to control himself to a certain extent (usually while he is at work), but after he hits his limit there's no more holding back. He'll break whatever is in front of him, people and wolves included. tends to be very rough and bites make it bloody. For that reason, it's very rare for him to spend his rut with someone, and he believes he wouldn't make a good mate. 

OOC notes: Angst and plots are very welcome for this character! He's very versatile so other genres will work as well, even friendship or fluff. One thing I don't plot is romance, let's write together and see where things go.

IMPORTANT: I don't fancy being dragged into unplotted ic drama. It's against the rp rules. If you wanna start something, discuss it ooc first. I usually don't drop threads but I'll ignore you if you don't respect my boundaries.

Plot ideas:

1.《 The beast within 》heavy angst, , non-con | taken
Joong and your character are friends, close enough for y/c to have the keys to the alpha's place. One day, y/c is waiting for the other to come back from work, just be met by a Joong burning in rut. With his mind blurred by his hormones, Hyeonjoong only notices he has gone too far when he sees the teary face of his friend under him, with his knot holding them together. (we can discuss rolling for pregnancy afterwards)

Past DPs: