About Me

Just a weeb lost among the k-pop fans.

Current characters:

  Ousaka Taiga @ Black Paradise

  Kim Seokwoo @ pink hours

  Baekho @ Fenrir's Blood

I'm open to private and group rps atm. Here are my preferences:

- always in the mood for: ;
- sometimes in the mood for: straight as the man or yuri;
- no: straight as the woman. 

- currently preferred: sub cute top or dom bottom;
- also ok: switch, sub bottom, soft or rough dom top.

- yes, please: dark, angst, toxic romance, , slow-burn, enemies to lovers, hybrids, vampires, omegaverse;
- yes: comedy, some fluff, cute romance, drama;
- no: fast-burn, friendship only, nonau, semiau, soulmates, entertainment company.

  Hard limits: huge age gap (doesn't apply to fantasy ofc), pregnancy (unless it adds to the angst) and self-harm/suicide. As for kinks it's foot and play.