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Kang Taehyun, TXT. 24. panual. a disaster.


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huening kai. [A] Reply
kang taehyun.Reply
Oh no, I've been spotted
we've been waiting for you. :^)
Wait a little longer, I'm going to hide again

1327497.jpg?v=35583sohara hinata.  Reply
kang taehyun.Reply
Being small means you can tie their shoelaces together and they might not notice until it's too late
This on tall pp

1327209.jpg?v=51107✩ huening kai. [A]  Reply
all this height talk is making me think about how txt is 80% legs.


sim jaeyun. ʲᵃᵏᵉ  Reply
except taehyun

1327656.jpg?v=51387 kang taehyun.  Reply 
I'm the other 20% yes

1327209.jpg?v=51107✩ huening kai. [A]  Reply
kang taehyun. Reply
Don't worry, I'm the strong one. I don't need legs, I'll drag you down to my level
well, s h i t.

1327209.jpg?v=51107✩ huening kai. [A] Reply
kang taehyun.  Reply
jang wonyoung. Reply
hello to my lovely, gorgeous women who deserves everything good in the world even if you're downright evil. and men, why do you.
Because someone needs to.

1327209.jpg?v=51107 huening kai. [A] Reply
kang taehyun. Reply
Well you're not dracula
the disrespect.

1327139.jpg?v=34107✩ choi yeonjun. [A]  Reply
yes, my own personal body pillows u w u



lee chaeryeong.  Reply
your last name is kang right?
kang i take you out to dinner?


kang taehyun. 3 days ago Reply 
"Taehyun tries to kills as many squirrels as he can, but there are too many."
there's a joke in there somewhere.

1327260.jpg?v=14631jung wooyoung.  Reply
beom likes to be manhandled and is a maso ✍️

1327209.jpg?v=51107✩ huening kai. [A] Reply
kang taehyun. Reply 
in hindsight txt does manhandle beom regularly and he puts up with it


1327209.jpg?v=51107huening kai. [A] Reply
we txt boys are wilding.


1327497.jpg?v=35583sohara hinata. Reply
What if i accidentally simp my brother and the sweet home alabama song come out

1327209.jpg?v=51107✩ huening kai. [A]  Reply
it's not alabama if there's no blood relation.



choi beomgyu. 11 minutes ago Reply
We are tomorrow by (shower) together!


1327166.jpg?v=23139 choi beomgyu. 24 minutes ago Reply
lee chaeryeong. 37 seconds ago Reply
choi beomgyu.11:48:31 AMReply
We are tomorrow by (shower) together!
Pics or it didnt happen
Gramma really out here asking to see me on my knees?


euphrosyne02:43 AM xiaoting
y'all were so baby boy here

ㅤ💢ㅤ02:43 AMㅤ💢ㅤ
they always look good idc.


fromtwilight02:43 AM taehyuna
literally a song
but we're cute

ㅤ💢ㅤ02:43 AMㅤ💢ㅤ


euphrosyne02:43 AM xiaoting
subby babies


✩ huening kai. [A] 18 minutes ago Reply
sohara hinata. 19 minutes ago Reply 

Im a brat i dun listen
jokes on you, i tame brats.

1327365.jpg?v=39701 min yoongi. Reply
thats right thirst like a victorian gentleman
ankles? nah, SHOULDERS.


✩ choi yeonjun. [A]9:17:49 PMReply
i regret everything




✩ huening kai. [A] Reply
choi beomgyu. 25 minutes ago Reply 
I'm offended you'd share something so intimate.
No couple showers for you this week.

i guess i'll just have to shuffle through my methods to convince you. it wouldn't take very long, you're soft when it comes to me.


choi beomgyu. Reply
I may be soft but you wish I was hard for you.
: D 



1328767.jpg?v=40455 song eunseok.
i love all of txt actually you are all near and dear to me
sorry but getting asked to confess my favorite in a group while all the members are here is asking to be flogged by batman