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I luv you bae


Backstory/personality: Born and raised in a cementary by his Gumiho mother, Taemin actually grew up fairly normally for a monster. If normal is considered digging through graves to eat the liver's of deceased humans as well as stealing innards from living humans. His mohter raised him well although strictly due to the lack of his father(whom's identity is still unknown to taemin), teaching him the ways of the Gumiho and how to embrace his shapeshifting powers. When he became a teenager though, he was shipped off to Monster High to learn what his mother could not teach him. Without the watchful eyes of his mother on him, Taemin  took the moment to competely go all out. He became a well known trouble maker of the high school, often flirting with whomever he pleased and only doing what he pleased (much to the distaste of his mother and teachers). Taemin was always a difficult child for he never listened and was a bit of a brat, which reflects now. Due to his age, he can be rather rash and single-minded. Since he had came here, he learned what was and the boy ran with it. If he's not in class, he's often found napping on the rooftop. The rooftop is known as his domain and people should know that whenever they go up there, they will run into the troublemaker whom might or might not start a fight with them. It depends on what kind of mood he is in. 

Appearance: ever changing except for the set of white ears atop his hair. 

yeah school uniform