About Me

+ not really on here that much anymore. may login occasionally to see what's going on and temproarily join some places 
+ please don't send a friend request if you're never intend on actually speaking to me, it's really pointless
+ mainly a second gen kpop fan give or take a handful of underrated third gen groups that aren't active anymore
+ i'm really only interested in nmixx when it comes to third and fourth gen kpop

advertising is fine but ...

don't advertise if:
 – internationals aren't allowed, not a fan of being restricted to asians only 
 – it's super cliquey & full of friend groups, biased/selective, and/or full of face chasing 
 – there's little to no actual plotting or roleplaying happening outside of established firiends or relationships
 – the rules are super restrictive and controlling on what you can and cannot do 

do advertise if:
+ all races / nationalities/ ethnicities are welcomed
+ it's a freeverse and/or plotting and roleplaying are heavily encouraged

current muses:
+lily morrow (nmixx)
+kim jikang (ex-girlkind)
+ lee seheun (soloist/ex-girlkind)
+ choi junhong (soloist, ex-b.a.p)
+ lee minhyuk (block b)
+kim yukwon (block b)
+ gionna daddio (pro wrestler)
+ lexi kaufman (pro wrestler)