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APRIL 19, 2014
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About Me
About Me
"clinging onto mediocrity is not my style. better yet set the trend rather than just go with the flow." - by me. i hope this get through well along the way as you read my description. this applies to everything written below.

since you take time scrolling down my profile, i presume that you're reading this. the real name is considered as classified information but then you may call me by my nickname/s around here roleplayrepublic, which are: bean, kj, jiyong, and kris. add and give me more nicknames to which i don't mind at all. just as what it's written on my profile, i'm from the Philippines.

life outside rr is actually different from what i have here nor do i have any plans to incorporate my way of living outside to here and vice versa. but that doesn't mean i don't share the things that happen to me outside to here and from here to outside rr.

when it comes to deciding things, both here and outside, my verdict would depend to which my thoughts suffices the root of cause with the argument at hand. i'm quite open-minded with things roaming around to which my sense of justice is inspired by Socrates.

according to others, i'm quite infamous, knowing that i'll apply as kris most of the times then have nana as my target market. yes. i love her. visit my blogs if you don't find this description enough to have it proven.

things that you should know about me. first off, i live to express rather to impress. i have no plans on giving others false hopes and rather be blunt about things. disappointment is the least thing that you will see me giving it unto others. but do take note that being disappointed with me would nonetheless be retrospective to your actions. why? you expected something beyond what i'm able to give to which i have no plans nor interests in giving out in the first place.

second, disregard the impressions you have against my characters. in no way i'm similar to those. should i remind you of the well-known phrase yet people tend to be ignorant about it? "don't judge the book by its mere cover." there. live with it the very least.

though the things you see before this are pretty quite negative, please be reminded that knowing me wouldn't hurt at all. i'm both approachable and negotiable. i'm just blunt with things but worry not, i do adjust to people that have either sensitive or/and insensitive feelings.

my way of rping are actually different from what people expect but then it's better to defy those expectations, right?

i initially came here to roleplay and have fun. but that doesn't mean i make fun of others. fun would be of means of entertainment to me. if things don't go at hand, such as ooc dramas, expect me not to back out. i face those stuffs and have it rub on people's faces how i handle things MATURELY. so yeah, fighting and verbal violence is not an option for me so if you see me making a drama in ooc, never in my intention would you see me initiate such stupid things. who in their right mind would waste time being an attention-, right? well, there are some but i presume they have no life at all.

for my characters and rp-ing life, the pairings that you saw are the things that you would see me doing. i join either first or third based rps, non-au or au but then scratch fantasy and mythical inspired roleplays for i'm not creative enough to have things searched on google the right terms and wordings i need to use in a particular rp.

for 3rd pov, i prefer angsty starters such as break-ups, divorce, arguments for abortion, and suches but then these kind of plots rarely come and go because some are afraid that this will lead to ooc drama. seriously, people judging without having it experienced first hand has now been a trend around here, making it boring, honestly speaking.

i do prefer semi-para since it won't take me that long to think of words to reply unto. i don't want to make others wait for my reply just to make long para replies since i have papers in real life that i need to work on as well.

i mirror the first half of the reply and try to reciprocate the number of lines the other had made. i prefer having and doing those to which i try my utmost best to satisfy others. but then, there are times that you will see me reply short most especially if i'm on my mobile or i lack inspiration to write a long narrative reply.

and oh yeah, i mostly apply as kris and have nana dated with him. or nana and have kris targeted when i'm itching for a good .

yes. i apply either as a girl or as a boy but being as a girl, i tend her to be and manly. the reason i join as a girl is that there are plots that give me cravings to which most girl characters don't meet. why? most tend to be this shy when i prefer those sadistic, blunt ones. but even if there are those of which, they either are bad at rp-ing or tend to be inactive which kills my mood.

just because i , that doesn't mean i'm not innocent in some rps. in fact, i join rps that doesn't approve which i'm totally fine about. again, as mentioned, i initially joined here to have fun.

when it comes to , i really like those plots where in the my characters' girls would be sadistic in a way that they'll have them submit to them or/and if masochistic, i prefer including and es to their lives. i'm fine with vanilla but then too much would rather be boring, right?

i do yuri since it's fun seeing and stalking girls in action rather than or hetero . i may do but only for the purposes of randomness.

aside from those, there are things that you won't see me doing. first, date 2ne1 members. i'm a fan of them. seriously speaking, they're the only female kpop group, for me, who can pull off a GREAT AND LIVE performance. but then i don't visualize my characters to date any of those members. second, do any EXO x SNSD pairings. i'm a fan of both groups but most of the members of SNSD are older than EXO members to which i'm 'oc' about.

if you have noticed from the pairings listed above, male characters there are ALL older than females. i'd rather have those than making it look like a sugar-daddy or/and sugar-mommy relationship. another thing is the height specification, you would notice that if a guy is tall then the girl must be tall as well, or a tall girl with a tall guy; same goes for petite ones.. i don't want to make my characters look like a father for his girlfriend or a mother to her boyfriend.

third, i would honestly say that i'm biased. i'm biased to the characters i wish not to date most especially if i'm not fond of them such as snsd's hyoyeon, sunny, & seohyun, a pink, hello venus, d-unit, etc. . in no means that i'm against those girl groups but then i prefer those girls who have this fiesty and nasty aura with them. should you notice that the girls i've written above are quite the shy-type? and didn't i mention that i prefer sadistic women? well, that applies here. again, i'm not hating on them nor bashing. those are only my view for them.

moving on, i don't have to name and pinpoint those who i consider as my friends here because they already know they are my friends. adding my account isn't an assurance that we'll be close then friendship would come off next since i only add or/and accept requests if i have rp-ed with them or if i had talked to them.

i have frustrated fans too, haters. they already know themselves but then i have no time to waste my most precious time for those who'd rather see my characters externally and neglect knowing me internally. pathetic, i must say.

upon reading the things you've seen, i hope that "respect is earned not given" have stayed right inside your mind. i don't randomly give my respect to people since i prefer them having reciprocated. you won't see me begging for an apology or for a respect since those things are given with initiative.

should you wish to earn them, you'll just see/feel me doing it if i know i have done something wrong, otherwise, you're on the wrong road.

also, the first quotation that you've seen must've been remembered all through out of this.