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precious frames

j. somin (manhwa) 9 seconds ago Reply 
can I just say that I love and appreciate jia so much - if you think about it, she's like that big sister that looks out for everyone and she's so adorable she lowkey always greets everyone and kjahjka I love jia and jia's rper. okay das all.

lim sungjin (honeymocha) 46 seconds ago Reply 

Played by: flawsome2k18

u see this cutie 
i, honeymocha, love her with all of my heArt

kim bora. (pickles) 15 seconds ago Reply 

jia is a babe

kim sohye (huckleberry) 1 minute ago Reply

flawsome2k18's (previously known as hygge-ina if im not mistaken) characters are straight most of the time but ends up winning the most ladies
thank you for listening to my ted talk

woo jiho (pickles) Sep 18, 2018 12:01:45 Reply History 

haven't seen you as jia in a while 
kinda maybe missed you tbh.


kim minju ( Seagull )7 seconds ago Reply

ily too buddy kinda


kim yoohyeon。 (pickles) 32 seconds ago Reply

perrie,,, m-my lo-- gags

We ain't ever getting older.