About Me
Born 1989
Hi, My name is Sarah, but I also go by Jangmi and Lelle. I'm an Australian with no life and a love of Roleplay, Kpop, Ice Skating, and a bunch of other random things. I don't bite I can promise that much, and I am always willing to give a roleplay a look if you need people. Feel free to message me or PM me if you are looking for a roleplay of sorts. I am normally open to most people and most genre's as well as POV and post length. Obviously shorter replies are faster but I do get carried away sometimes.
My Muses
Jung Wooyoung
Ateez · Nov 26, 1999 · 173 cm
Kang Yeosang
Ateez · June 15, 1999 · 173 cm
Lee Seoho
Oneus · June 7, 1996 · 176 cm
Do Hanse
Victon · Sept 25, 1997 · 176 cm
Park Jimin
BTS · Oct 13, 1995 · 173.6 cm
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