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I am a nurse and work 12 hour night shifts. Sometimes it says I'm online, but I'm AFK/minimized or on mobile so I'm limited with replies.

About Me

types of roleplays I like: , SciFi, dark, supernatural (werewolves, vampires, etc), fantasy, THIRD POV, mpreg, alternate universe, non-au, fluff, anime.

Characters I normally play: Kyung, Changmin (Max), Nu'est's Baekho, Wonho, Shownu, Yongguk, 24K's Cory

Characters I can play but it sometimes depends on plot (in no particular order): Gray, Yuto, Wooseok, Sunggyu, Seulong, Ateez's Yunho & Hongjoong, Astro's Jinjin & Moonbin, Lee Hyunjae, Wooyoung, Jokwon, Se7en, Jay Park, Chunji, 2PM's Junho & Chansung, Yunho, Dongwoo, Hoya, ZE:A's Kevin, Mino, Bobby, Park Hyoshin.

Anime Characters: Ojiro or Bakugo from My Hero Academia, Shiro from Voltron, Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist, Jean from Attack on Titan.

My characters tend to be switches.


Have that pairing that you wanna try, but can’t seem to find someone to do it with? If it’s on this list, hit me up! In parenthesis is the person I play.

BaekMin (Baekho)

WooGyu (Sunggyu)

MyungGyu (Sunggyu)

DongGyu (Sunggyu)

HoGyu (Sunggyu)

Doojoon/Sunggyu (Sunggyu)

Hoon/Gyu & Soohyun/Gyu (Sunggyu)

MyungYeol (Myungsoo or Sungyeol)

MyungJong (Myungsoo)

YaDong (Dongwoo or Hoya)

TaecSeul (Seulong)

WooSu (Wooyoung)

KhunYoung (Wooyoung)

TaecWoo (Wooyoung)

WooHo (Wooyoung)

ChanWoo (Wooyoung)

ChanHo (Chansung or Junho)

KevShik (Kevin)

KevJun (Kevin)

WooTae!!!!!!!!!! (Wooyoung)

Seulong/IU (Seulong)

HoMin (Changmin or Yunho)

ZiKyung (Kyung)

PyoKyung (Kyung)

JaeKyung (Kyung)

BKyung (Kyung)

Sunggyu/Tasty (Sunggyu)

Choi Bros / Top7en (Se7en)

Park Hyoshin/Wheesung (PHS)