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Nickname(s): Wono, Hoho
Previous Username(s): -wasted, jungkooksthighs, -ecstasy, -distress
Date of Birth: April Seventh
Occupation: UC Student (1st Yr.)
Orientation: Wonhoual
KKT: ta3r0
We cling to music, to poems, to quotes, to writing, to art because we desperately do not want to be alone. We want to know we aren't going crazy and someone else out there knows exactly how you're feeling. We want someone to explain the things we can't. 
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Seven Lions - Another Me (Acoustic ver.) 
Kina - Can We Kiss Forever?
Adam Christopher - So Far Away
Ariana Grande - Needy (Sad ver.)
1. Do not send me or yuri only. All orientations must be included.
2. All genres and themes are welcomed as long as it doesn't involve with violence or weird es. 
3. Do not send me revamped roileplays unless I have joined before. 
4. I encourage you to look at my muses so that way I have the motivation to stay in your rp.
5. If there's any questions, just let me know.
Please read the guidelines before proceeding to roleplay with me. 
Povs  |  Genres Style
3rd pov only; 1st pov in chatrooms. Angst is a definite; other genres depends. Descriptive and detailed. 
Length  Activity  Speed
Varies on plot. Since it is my first year in college, I may randomly go MIA. In that case, I'm not fast at replying. 
Winging  Plotting  PM
Winging is for chatrooms. Throwing in ideas will definitely help me think of a plot or at least a starter. If we both can't think of any ideas, then I may postpone our rping. Before you decide to PM me, read my characters information. Don't come to me asking how they are or I'll just ignore you.