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[] ooc & ic thank u

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Never change.

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You have such a special place in my heart

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Wonho this is random but

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please read the guidelines before procceeding to roleplay with me.

01. povs // most of the time i prefer to write in third however, if there is a problem with writing third pov then feel free to write in any pov you feel comfortable with, 

02. genres // i'm comfortable with any genres but the one i prefer and desire most would be angst. angst is one out of all the genres i can use for plotting, threads and scenarios. i mean, what would possibly go wrong with angst? 

03. writing style // descriptive but not so descriptive. i'm not very good with vocabularies so i apologize if my writing doesn't make sense. 

04. writing length // length varies on my muse but for sure i won't give you a half reply. also don't dare replying to me with a one liner or i'll simply leave you on read. 

05. plotting // i prefer plotting the most. a scenario in mind would definitely help therefore, we can collect and put together an idea in order to start off somewhere. unless, there is a plot you'd wish to play then don't hesitate to come and tell me about it. 

06. winging // only when we're chatting in the chatroom or simply don't have an idea at all for the rest of the plot. 

07. before pming me // read all my character's information such as the background and personality  before coming to me. don't come to my pm's asking about my characters cause clearly you didn't read this rule nor the entire rules. 

08. activity // my timezone is gmt -8. i'm pretty active on rpr and online most of the time to check on my characters. however, i am most active during the weekends to get back to my replies with everyone. 

09. reply speed // not the fastest during the weekdays but weekends, it depends if i''m busy or not but i do try my best getting back to you late at night.

out of character


Last updated 22 march 2019.

please read the guidelines before procceding to advertise. 

01. please do not send me "only or yuri" advertisements. i prefer to have all orientations welcomed rather than a specific orientation. 

02. all genres and themes are welcomed. it doesn't matter to me as long as they include angst. however, if it involves with brutal bloodshedding, and other weird es or kinks then i'll pass fam. 

03. do not send me revamped roleplays unless i have joined before. 

04. i encourage you to look at my list of muses so that way i have the motivation to stay in your rp, write and create my character's background/info. 

advertisement rules


Last updated 22 march 2019

character played often


name: kim taehyung (v)

d.o.b:december 30, 1995.

status: in love.

Suspendisse a eros libero. Pellentesque ultrices consectetur lacinia. Suspendisse arcu mi, molestie et congue quis, posuere eu nisi. Duis euismod eget lectus sed fringilla. Donec tempor turpis turpis, sit amet tempus eros pellentesque eu. Mauris orci augue, cursus sed venenatis eu, pellentesque a quam. Nullam at erat fermentum, dignissim purus sed, feugiat lorem. Integer lobortis tincidunt nisi aliquet imperdiet. Aliquam porttitor quis felis eget lacinia.

nickname(s). distress

date of birth. april seventh 

occupation. uc student 

timezone. gmt -8

writing style. desciprtive 

preferable pov. 3rd pov

contact info. ask me for it.

likes. family, friends, my phone, my pets, writing, playing video games, blue, yellow, spongebob, makeup, youtube, instagram, taking selfies, eating, food, yadyaydayda

dislikes. going to class, waking up early, running out of toilet paper, battery dead, no earphones, lectures, working, school

hobbies. if sleeping and eating counts then ya

secrets. come and find it out yourself

fears. all kinds of bugs and things that might lead to death

basic information


Last updated 22 march 2019

ihybrid university.

open, aurp, hybrid, collegeau.

characters: kim taehyung, shin hoseok, lee luda

two moons 2.0.

open, aurp, supernatural, wolfvampirehumans..

characters: toni mahfud.

rendezvous 2.0.

open, semi-au,matchmaking, resort.

characters: wonho lee

winder; the city of eros. 

open, wolfau, matchmaking.

characters: yanjun lin



Last updated 14 april 2019.



Last updated 22 march 2019.


"we cling to music, to poems, to quotes, to writing, to art because we desperately do not want to be alone. we want to know we aren't going crazy and someone else out there knows exactly how you're feeling. we want someone to explain the things we can't."


mood 49%


muse 31%


writing quality 62%


speed 85%


activity 70%