Personal Message

please only advertise if your rp is one of the following:

          • yuri/ only

          • ulzzang only

          • allows internationals

please do not advertise if your rp is one of the following:

          • straight only

          • 3rd pov only

thank you!


About Me
hot, hot summer.

hi, i'm katie. i like music, writing, dancing and kpop. my favorite k-artists are f(x), rainbow, snsd, heyne, lc, oc, iu, spica, ailee, laboum, lovelyz & akmu, but there are a lot more.  oh, and i love marina and the diamonds.
i pefer yuri roleplays, but i sometimes do too. any genre & any pov will do as long as it's fun. i also plan on making many yuri roleplays bc rpr doesn't have any active ones otl so look forward to those too. 


roleplays i'm in:

the girl's house ; heyne
my happiness ; baek jae ah
sugar and spice ; park girim