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||> RAINBOW TURTLES <|| - "All for fun , fun for all" [ New freshly baked RP ]+[In need of co- admins + members!]


Do you feel lonely? Do you feel sad? Do you feel like your world is dull? DONT WORRY! You're now in a right place! Everyone in the world deserve to be happy and so we create a new imaginary world called 
RAINBOW TURTLE. Although it sound like crazy, but rainbow, which consist of 12 colours could give happiness in our life. Turtles are a species of animal that could live in two world. So, try to understand the concept uhoks. Anyway, COME AND JOIN US cuz we bring happiness to your life!

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alone, i will withstand the brute force of it all . . .

Wanna advertise your RP? ReaD this first pls♡

■I'm at 3rd P.O.V, so I prefer 1st P.O.V more!■ English isnt my first language thoo thats why I'd rather choose 1st P.O.V■ Yahh, I'm a guyy, dun advertise YURI ONLY here eue;■ No Yuri! Straight is very welcomed! ...urm..just advertise here then■ Active RP puhleaseee!! New RP is welcomed if awesome then TvT■ Urm, I dun like super natural actually since I dunno much about powers of whateverso lol■ I want a RP with friendly peeps not boring peeps!■ Matchmaking RP are very welcomed hoho ■ wait, i dun that prefer slavexmaster thoo hoho I JUST DUN PREFER OKAI ■ Hope the admins + the peeps in your RP doesnt ignore my post! I dun really like ignorance •○●° So have read everything? NOW SPAM MY WALL WITH YOUR RPs! :>

ome and talk to me people. Cuz i bite people♡
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My short BIO

Mostly all my private informations are private. Dun expect me to tell you haha. So, this is my 3rd account after i deleted my first/second accounts due to personal problems. I'm such a happy person ya know that, so dun make me sad, I'd sulking with you almost 1 year lol. I have that big imagination mind ya know that just..just..i dun flow everything out. I lubh to make friends insteadbif enemies and i really really really hate to search for problems either reality or whateverso. Usually, or mostly, I'd use my alien language that you even couldnt understand lol. So, I'm a cool and awesome peep! I know how to start a convo or make friends so peeps, talk to meh if you want you heart to melt! :P

who am i really?