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The following table is a little thing I just made of the EXO (including past members) pairings which I: 1) Really like to rp; 2) Wouldn't mind rping as long as there is a good plot/I'm in the mood; and 3) I wanna try rping as. This is all my personal preference of course, so please don't cross the line and decide to reprimand me just because I might not like rping a certain pairing. Some of the pairings from EXO (including past members) I prefer to read fanfics of rather than actually rping as them. Also you will notice that Suho, Luhan and Tao don't have columns/rows - that is because they happen to be the only three that I am not all too eager to rp as or with. Like I said, all personal preference!
So if you ever wanna rp with me, just check this chart out I suppose ^^

NAMES Xiumin Kris Lay Baekhyun Chen Chanyeol D.O Kai Sehun
Xiumin X XiuRis - XiuBaek XiuChen XiuYeol - XiuKai XiuHun
Kris XiuRis X - - - - - KaiRis -
Lay - - X LayBaek - - - - -
Baekhyun XiuBaek - LayBaek X BaekChen BaekYeol - KaiBaek SeBaek
Chen XiuChen - - BaekChen X ChenYeol - ChenKai SeChen
Chanyeol XiuYeol - - BaekYeol ChenYeol X - ChanKai ChanHun
D.O - - - - - - X KaiSoo -
Kai XiuKai KaiRis - KaiBaek ChenKai ChanKai KaiSoo X SeKai
Sehun XiuHun - - SeBaek SeChen ChanHun - SeKai X


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Oh, and I also am on AFF! You can check me out here: vronvron




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Hello there~ ^^ I see you've stumbled or clicked upon my profile~ Well, it's nice to meet you, or at least my profile says that! If you wanna talk to me, hit me up on my wall anytime and I'll get to you as soon as I can~ We can become good friends too if you want that! So anyway, I am quite the hyper person, at least on here I am XD I use a lot of emojis and these squiggly lines~ as you will see when you talk to me~

I promise you that I don't bite people in real life, and I don't do it often on here XD But I do cling onto people and huggle people a lot! I am a koala that goes rawr~ XD No, but I hate people being sad or upset and will let you rant to me if you just need that someone to rant to! Or if you just need some cheering up, judging by what my current friends on here have to say about me, I am pretty good at cheering others up!

I am a very open person and am not afraid to talk about anything intimate with others, so please, if we do talk and I step over the line of comfort, let me know and I'll take a couple steps back for ya~ Also, I'm from Australia so if I use words or terms you don't understand, I'll explain them to you - or I can clarify things you aren't sure of, mate! Ah, and also, even though I was born and raised in Australia, my ethnicity is KOREAN~ so yes, I can speak, read, write, understand the language so if you wanna know something in Korean, then ask me as well XD

For those of you who are curious, my UB (ultimate bias) is EXO's Baekhyun!!! And yes, EXO is my favourite group along with SEVENTEEN and Mamamoo~ It will be great getting to know you guys~ <3


People who are special and close with me~ Don't you dare hurt them! (in no particular order and will add more people if I get closer to them~):




People I RP as:


I tend to just stick with those since I am most comfortable with them ^^



Hey~ So, you wanna pm/inbox rp with me? Sure! I'm up for it! As long as you are okay with this: /straight, , sometimes can choose a crazy au. You okay with that? Then proceed~

So, I tend to rp as Baekhyun/Chanyeol the most and I also tend to ask for ChanBaek/Baekyeol in my posts for when I have a plot in mind for a pm rp. I feel comfortable rping as the bottom/top or dom/sub of the couple and I would like and hope to think that I am alright at them too XD Other people I rp as are in that box to the right above this one!

As for the aus I rp in, I have done and like, vampire, werewolf, shapeshifter, hybrid, merman, demon, mixture of all of them, also alien - as in like different skin and added features and not the abduction kinda thing, also like daddyxbaby/little, age gap, , celebrityxfan, college, neighbours to lovers - the list is pretty long as it stands, and I am open to at least consider other aus, but yeah~

Hit me up if you ever wanna pm rp with me~ <3