About Me
Izzy. Saorsa. Dad. 
21 years old. 10/10
socials: only if we've been talking + pm me.
roleplay rules
//01. Do not advertise Non-AU or Semi-AU, I don't particularly care for them.
//02. Currently I am not looking for any roleplays but you are more than welcome to advertise; I still like checking them out and if I like what I see, then I might join.
//03. If you're a first pov RP only then chances are that I won't join.
//04.   and straight only
//05. I enjoy nearly all types of AU roleplays.
//06. Muse list in the section below, I have a lot so you should be pretty safe in having at least some of them available. italics are preferred.
//07. Check out my blog if wanting to PM roleplay, I will occasionally update it.
favourite quotes

Just remember, every time you look up at the moon, I, too, will be looking at a moon. Not the same moon, obviously, That’s impossible


I will love you as we find ourselves farther and farther from one another, where once we were so close... I will love you until your face is fogged by distant memory. I will love you no matter where you go and who you see, I will love you if you don't marry me. I will love you if you marry someone else--and i will love you if you never marry at all, and spend your years wishing you had married me after all. That is how I will love you even as the world goes on its wicked way
Good To Me - Seventeen
muse list
jeon jeongguk . kim taehyung . park jimin . kim namjoon . jung hoseok . felix lee . jackson wang . mark tuan . park chanyeol . kim joonmyun . zhang yixing . oh sehun . kim jongin . lee donghae . wu yifan . lu han . park bogum . nam joohyuk

lalisa manoban . jennie kim . park chaeyoung . jessica jung . im jinah . im nayeon . chou tzuyu . hirai momo . kwon yuri . choi sooyoung . bae joohyun . park sooyoung . kim ahyoung . tiffany hwang

harry styles . louis tomlinson . zayn malik . tom holland . chris evans . sebastion stan . zoe saldana . jason momoa . gal gadot . kj apa . lili reinhart . cole sprouse . noah centino . lana condor . charles melton . sam heughan . caitriona balfe . tbc

ANIMATED (too many to list, easier to go by show / movie)
voltron: legendary defender . danny phantom . teen titans . rise of the guardians . how to train your dragon . young justice . trollhunters . 3below . winx club . witch . avatar the last airbender . adventure time . naruto . yugioh . kingdom hearts . final fantasy . tokyo mew mew . mermaid melody . tbc

*also open to playing a pre-existing character, example: draco malfoy, will byers, bucky barnes, etc.
october favourites

music: calcifer - yoste // bis der himmel sich dreht - about barbara
drink: tiger milk tea with pearls & cream cheese // soy hot chocolate
food: chicken burgers
television: atla // big mouth // the good place
movie: lord of the rings
video game: the sims 4 // skyrim
fashion brand: tularosa // indah
skincare: innisfree green tea seed eye cream / rose quartz face roller
colour: warm beige // pure white // dusty rose // powder blue // sage green