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things about me that r nice or moments when im comedy can be found here

people that are alright i guess
(not in any order, the feeling does not need to be reciprocated, always changing because i always accidentally remove pics without realising, etc.)


About Me
Izzy. Saorsa. Dad. 
21 years old. 10/10
socials: only if we've been talking + pm me.
roleplay rules
//01. Do not advertise Non-AU or Semi-AU, I don't particularly care for them.
//02. Currently I am not looking for any roleplays but you are more than welcome to advertise; I still like checking them out and if I like what I see, then I might join.
//03. If you're a first pov RP only then chances are that I won't join.
//04.   and straight only
//05. I enjoy nearly all types of AU roleplays.
//06. Muse list in the section below, I have a lot so you should be pretty safe in having at least some of them available. italics are preferred.
//07. Check out my blog if wanting to PM roleplay, I will occasionally update it.
my roleplays

golden fleece
sorry bro can't go out tonight, stuck rping tenti
various private roleplays

inactive / closed down / LEFT

creatures of the night
curse of the seven seas (tbd)
sleepy oaks
seoul academy of love
the new empire

ad infinitum
golden fleece
high snobiety

high snobiety 2.0
star fall meadows

seven seas

medieval / fantasy au
golden fleece 2.0 (?)
Emotion - Hazey Eyes
muse list
jeon jeongguk . kim taehyung . park jimin . kim namjoon . park seonghwa . choi san . kim hongjoong . felix lee . lee minho (skz) . bang chanjackson wang . mark tuan . kim jongin . wu yifan . lu han . kim myungsoo . park bogum . nam joohyuk . xiao zhan . wang yibo . im luon

lalisa manoban . jennie kim . park chaeyoung . jessica jung . im jinah . im nayeon . chou tzuyu . hirai momo . kwon yuri . choi sooyoung . bae joohyun . park sooyoung . kim ahyoung . tiffany hwang

matthew gray gubler . florence pugh . chris evans . shemar moore . zoe saldana . sam heughan . caitriona balfe . margot robbie . taron egerton . summer bashil . stella maeve . otto seppalainen

ANIMATED (too many to list, easier to go by show / movie)
voltron: legendary defender . danny phantom . teen titans . rise of the guardians . how to train your dragon . young justice . trollhunters . 3below . winx club . witch . avatar the last airbender . adventure time . naruto . yugioh . kingdom hearts . final fantasy . tokyo mew mew . mermaid melody . tbc

*also open to playing a pre-existing character, example: draco malfoy, will byers, bucky barnes, etc.
june favourites

music: claire de lune - thelma plum
drink: (hot) milo
food: cheeseburgers + hot chips
television: bobs burgers // she-ra
movie: --
video game: gardenscapes
youtube: fashion mumblr // drew gooden // danny gonzalez
fashion brand: zara // tarnie & eileen
scent: YSL Black Opium in Floral Shock
misc: i'm ready for my hiatus to be over ugh i also need to listen to some of the new music i downloaded so i can pick a favourite