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things about me that r nice or moments when im comedy can be found here

About Me
if looking to pm roleplay!

+ i'd prefer either doing this in a private or my revamped freeverse over a pm because my pms right now are very cluttered but i can deal if it's your preference
+ i will be very slow.
+ more details when we're talking! just post on my wall that you'd like to roleplay and if you want to do any of the below pairings / plots, which one :)


my current ship cravings are the following:

(italics + underlined are my most wanted)

— lee know x bang chan
— park seonghwa x kim hongjoong
— choi san x kim hongjoong
— wei wuxian x lan wangji / xiao zhan x wang yibo
— kim hongjoong x any male idol
— jeon jeongguk x any bts member

— lalisa manoban x jeon jeongguk
— park seonghwa x any bp member
— tbh, any male x any bp member (preference for lisa but i'm keen on the other girls too)
— jeon jeongguk x jeon soyeon / minnie yontorak


my current kink / dynamic cravings are the following:

— mpreg
— (kind of wanting to try out a parent / (legal) child dynamic)
— superhero x villain
— royalty x servant
— some sort of historical au in general
— the untamed
— pirate au
— voltron: legendary defenders (any klance fans out there???)
happy stalking!