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  • GMT +2.
  • Mainly 3rd POV + 1st detailed (not too detailed xD).
  • Plot, always, at least the general plot. I don't like to plan details, I like to leave it to happen by itself. 
  • I don't care about mirroring, as long as you give me something to work with. 
  • Don't fear poking me, I never get mad at it. I will either reply or explain to you why I can't reply and tell you when to expect a new post. I expect you to do the same though. Don't leave me hanging.
  • Wall is open for plotting and chatting. I generally don't rp on walls, unless there is no room available or we already have a plot in pm. So don't ask me to rp on walls, unless we are already on pm
  • I am nice, come talk to meeeeeeeeeeeh.
  • Feel free to ask any Qs you have~