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Profile says male, but I prefer: them/they/themselves/their


That being said, if you refer to me as a boy or male, I'm okay with that. It's not prefered, but it is okay :)


I used to go by her/herself/she and would prefer not to anymore...but I can't stop can say whatever you want.


I've got alot of figuring out to do, and honestly...I've been feeling bad this whole time. Like something was wrong with me. I'm just trying to figure out who and what I turly am as a person. It's been causing me alot of emotional distress and I've been miserable for a long time. Maybe this is what I've been needing, because I'm certain, it is what I've been wanting for a while now...  That being said, I'm just testing the waters out to see if this is the solution to my sadness and heartache.


Thank you for understanding.


-TokidokiCutieBoi (as of now)




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This tweet honestly means so much to me.

As a Shyperson myelf, that's a mood!



temptation inspired by my dreams of the city.


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Vaporwave is dope af to me, and I listen to it as a serious music genre :)

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Yes. Boys are pretty! At least, if their Joji.