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Your my pentagon fluffball~
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❝ Currently an unloyal and thirsty hoe ❞
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   NP : Critical Beauty by Pentagon
Hi hi, just another cute or annoying idiot here!
I'm currently trying to stay loyal to Seventeen and BTS right now which is not working because I am a mess to be honest. There's the PD101 boys, Wooshin and Pentagon who are seriously messing with me.
ANYWAYS I'll be here in case you wanna rp or just wanna fangirl a bit, I won't decline any friend requests ^^ Let's be friends and lemme give you some candy~~ ♡

Some rps where I'm admin:
- Hidden Gems 2.0 | reopened

My current (active) characters:
✧ Jeon Wonwoo | Hidden Gems | single
ⓡ Park Minhyuk | Hidden Gems | undefined
Ⓓ Yang Hongseok | Hidden Gems | single
ⓗ Adachi Yuto | Hidden Gems | single
Jo Jinho | Chemistry | taken
Kang Hyunggu | Chemistry | taken
Yan An | Chemistry | undefined
Kim Hyojong | Chemistry | single
℔ Jung Wooseok | single
Kim Taehyung | Mic Drop | single
- or at least all orientations (NO YURI ONLY)
- some kind of au
I love hyrbid aus and supernatural ^^;
- I usually prefer to play a bottom or a switch cuz I at playing the dominant role but it's ALWAYS a male. Sorrynotsorry
- underrated members or unknown groups welcomed
I get that a lot of people prefer popular idols but please show others some love too ;---;
- more to be added
muses (no particular order)

other important things
Gender :  Female
Ager :  97-Liner xD
GMT :  +2
Writing Style :  1st & 3rd
Reply Speed : depends

Disclaimer : not always online cuz I never log out lol

Don't worry, I don't bite ;D