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n.: wonpil enthusiast extraordinaire, big ing simp

hi there, I'm Minty, and I try to be easy breezy lemon squeezy but I'm really stressed depressed lemon zest. I do things because I'm fueled by spite and red bull, and I'm an absolute gremlin. I work fulltime and I have nothing better to do than cause trouble most of the time. My favorite pastimes include burning kingdoms.




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age I am 22 and I do not want to write with anyone who is under 19. 


pov 3rd only, i don't do great in 1st. i do not write scriptive, ever; i'm strictly a 3rd pov descriptive writer. 


length varies. i can write anywhere from single paragraphs to novella. my comfort range is writing multipara to novella, but if you want faster replies, i can shell them out better with one or two paragraphs. however, sometimes i do get carried away with what i write and can shell out absolute word vomit. i never expect my partners to mirror my length, so if I drop an absolute menace of a reply, don't feel stressed to match the length, only the energy. Quality before quantity every day. 


tense I write in past and present tense. I sometimes switch between the two because I'm getting too comfortable writing in present tense these days. I'll usually try to match what someone's writing in, but other times I don't even think about it and whatever tense comes out comes out. 


uality my preference leans toward writing gay characters because I am, in fact, very not straight (I'm gay, Sharon). I am trying to branch out and write more heteroual characters, but I usually only want to write that with someone I have a pre-existing rapport and understanding with. Sometimes my hetero muse is strong and sometimes it just doesn't exist. I'm also very picky about hetero antics. Don't worry about it. 


romance I'm usually very chill and if a plot without planned romance leans toward romance, that's fine with me (so long as I don't feel like you're trying to force that narrative). I'm also very chill with platonic plots. I can vibe with mostly whatever. 


character names I do like to use OC names / builds when I write, never something I require but always a fun option. I find it can often be freeing for me, personally. However, again, not a requirement. 


 I generally don't write PWP (but if I do, it's in private threads, lmao) and I definitely prefer to have at least some overarching plot because I legitimately get bored if all the characters do is smash. I'm not shy about writing a lot of , so long as there's plot involved. I don't write hetero very often, because again, most of my characters are gay (the closest I've gotten to hetero in the past year is abo genderery). I prefer to write bottoms, I usually save topping for people I really click with and have written with before. 


muses the muses in the list above aren't the only muses I have, but they are the most common / prominent ones at this time. I might decide to throw a different, random muse out there if I get a wild hair, so don't be surprised if that happens. If there's a specific muse (must be from my muse list) that you want to write with, let me know up front.

writing preferences

so you want to post an ad on my wall. congratulations! you're in the right spot. i have a few rules for you to follow. 


one. include a few of my muses, who are available, in your ad (if any are on the wishlist, include those).


two. don't advertise if any of my main muses (wonpil, y. taeyang, eric) are unavailable. 


three. do not advertise hetero only rps. I will not join them. 


four. if you do not allow ads on your wall you had better not post an ad on mine. I will post an advertisement back.


five. I am most likely to join anything that's supernatural or fantasy based. I also like mafia and abo aus. I'm not great at slice of life, and I will not join a nonau unless I seek it out myself


six. include the words hi minty at the top of your ad or it will be immediately deleted. 


seven. if I posted an ad to your wall first you can disregard all of these rules. I support advertising back. 


eight. ads will generally be cleared after three months. 

ad rules

first section

genres fantasy, angst (of course), actionl, supernatural, adventure, romance 


aus high fantasy, greek mythology esp if hades and persephone in vibe, pirate, mafia, soulmates, hanahaki, royalty, abo, futuristic / scifi fantasy, modern fantasy, gods in general, entertainment au (not canon compliant)


themes arranged marriage, war, assassination attempts, whoops we had / are having a baby, damsel in distress situations but the top is the damsel, angst, role reversal, trope subversion, quests, mutually unrequited love, slow burn, fast burn, exes, anything i can write set to a banks song 

genres, etc

black sea

seeking: male, top 

pirate!au, angst, fantasy, mpreg / unplanned pregnancy


. . . one passionate night spent with a stranger met in a tavern complicates M/C's otherwise simple seafaring life. Nausea accompanied with a decline in energy clues him, and the captain and the sawbones of his ship, in to something being amiss.


When M/C discovers he's carrying, he does his best to hide it from the rest of his crew, including the sawbones (and the captain). He resolves to slip away from his ship at the next port they dock at, in order to tend to his growing babe.


Knowing only the name given to him by his baby's father, M/C isn't expecting to run into him when he's sneaking away from his crew. A pirate captain, Y/C isn't the landlubber M/C had assumed he was, and he's excited to see the pearl he thought he'd never encounter again.

current brainrot (open plots)

priv rp tracker

active threads

updated december 1, 2023

el diablo as kim donghyun 

mafia, angst ; private rp ; reply owed 


i'd kill as han seungwoo 

serial killer au ; private rp ; reply owed 


born again as yoo taeyang 

abo, angst ; private rp ; replied 


in this world or the one below as jung seungbo 

pirate au, abo ; private rp ; replied


day and night as park seonghwa

abo, hybrid au ; private rp ; replied


a sacrifice to save you as kim donghyun 

high fantasy, angst ; pms ; replied


gravity as yoo taeyang

abo, arranged marriage, heavy angst ; kkt ; active 


accident as yoo yongha 

angst ; pms ; replied 


power is power as go sungho 

mythology ; private rp ; replied 


wolf at your door as jeon woong 

royal au ; private rp ; replied 


suburbia as choi taeyang 

abo ; pms ; replied 


anywhere but here as jung wookjin 

modern fantasy, heavy angst ; pms ; replied 


sacrificial lamb as yoo yongha 

mythology, sacrifice au ; private rp ; replied 


that human's mine as yoo taeyang 

fantasy ; private rp ; replied 


drown as choi taeyang

abo, arranged marriage ; pms ; replied 


be mine as choi taeyang 

light drama ; private discord ; replied 


thread name as character

genre / au ; location ; status 


** if we have a priv thread and it isn't here, that doesn't mean i've dropped it, i might not have remembered to put it in my tracker / it might be in a plotting stage

OR i pulled it out because the thread is on hiatus (i have a few threads on the back burner right now )

OR you haven't replied in three months (understandable, we're all busy)


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updated january 19, 2024

Nakamoto Yuta [A] 4:15:51 PM
"thank you loveshot for being the love." -- kim wonpil, 2020 loveshot rep


Wong Yukhei 4:29:37 PM
I honestly don't have much face preference, save few, but it's the rper that makes a fc memorable.
I listened to day6 but wonpil certainly made pil my favourite ;w;


Lee Taeyong 11:41:37 PM
what a sneaky i love you


Lee Taeyong9:27:18 PMReply
soft floofy pillow (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)


Jung Jaehyun [A] 3 seconds ago Reply
Matthew Kim [A] 4 seconds ago Reply
wonpil is that a threat you’d like carried out

Jung Jaehyun [A] 9:28:23 PM Reply
I always knew it’s the cute quiet ones.


Lee Felix 3 seconds ago Reply
YOU KIM WONPIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Johnny Suh [A] 3:51:05 PM
wraps my arms about lia as she draws
you're kind of cute when you're not murdering people


Johnny Suh [A] 1:16:26 AM
julia's the princess though, dejun, we might have to kill you for the greater good


Kwon Hyuk 1 minute ago Reply
I want to escape from pil's harem


Jung Jaehyun [A] 2 days ago Reply
@Choi Jisu I'm weak for you.


Khala Boa [A]4:57:37 PMReply
"a lil something" with lia is dangerous LKJD


『 ✧ 』odette son。 [A] 9:16:24 PM
do we summon you by a law book or


『 ✮ 』aerin lim。10:02:34 PMReply
i love justice


刀∙wen gulf ᵃ6:32:51 PMReply


守护∙nie yukhei ᵃ 4:19:07 PM
Max like UALLY??? I am not ually nothing


✸┊jin borake ᵃ [A] 8:57:10 AM
i found out minty's fc types.
✸┊jin borake ᵃ [A] 8:57:21 AM
and biases
✸┊jin borake ᵃ [A] 8:57:53 AM
long facial structures with piercing eyes that can probably kill you from a distance.
✸┊jin borake ᵃ [A] 8:58:25 AM
gestures to taeyang, seunghoon. and jisoo and taeyong and-
✸┊jin borake ᵃ [A] 8:59:09 AM
i noticed that- minty likes eyes a lot


♆ Silas Vernal 57 seconds ago Reply
kivari is the reason for global warming okno--


✧ Li Mingda 5:30:14 PM Reply
i can't help but be suspicious when anyone other than one of charlie's charas is nice xD


✠ Jeom Daesung 12:27:44 PM Reply
☠ Derek Mantaya 1:27:21 AM Reply
✠ Lee Youngmi 1 minute ago Reply
✠ Reina Thor [A] 4 seconds ago Reply
who Wouldn't like reina zapping their let's be real


AVRA SPIROS [A] 6:00:45 PM Reply
BAI HAOLAN [A]6:00:24 PMReply
minty is baby


DEREK MANTAYA 10:57:21 PM Reply
GISELA YAVETZ [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
i love you cheeeeze

I learned how to frame from you. I'm gunna frame this as proof u.u


♧ Dario Amorthe 6 minutes ago Reply
✍️ mint likes it long


♧ Dario Amorthe 3:58:21 PM Reply


♧ Dario Amorthe 4:25:59 PM Reply


YOO TᗩEYᗩᑎGฅ 43 seconds ago Reply
me, acknowledging you as cute most often:
you, always: i'm not cute, i'm a gremlin 


hates rats — Today at 1:15 PM

//delightfully framed by a code


kang taehyun. 9 minutes ago Reply
no no, it's trade. we get jahan. you get kingdom.


Kim Hyeonjoongᵃˡᵖʰᵃ 19 seconds ago Reply
you hug me ooc and shoot me ic i love that


Lee Yongsooᵒᵐᵉᵍᵃ7:55:46 PMReply
minty is so badass


Choi Yeonjun [A] 55 seconds ago Reply 
no worries minty, we all know you can't english on fridays


◇ y. jimin. ᵏᵃʳᶦⁿᵃ 8 seconds ago Reply
about to quit my job and be spearminty cheerleader frfrfr


◇ y. jimin. ᵏᵃʳᶦⁿᵃ 10 seconds ago Reply
I'll cheer for you spearyangie


・゚✧ kim doyoung8:58:17 PMReply
lia pls kill me thanks


❥ ⌜ snow. ⌟9:47:26 AMReply
Mint go eat so you can stop eating ppl lol

and then we rise