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my muses are the following heh ^^"
guys; Kim Jongdae, Seo Sangwon, Kim Samuel, Lee Hoseok, Seo Kangjoon
ladies; Kim Hyuna, Jeon Soyeon, Shin Jimin, Hirai Momo, Kim Sohye, Kim Chungha, Fukumura Mizuki, Tanaka Reina

About Me

hi there, this is my wall-

I'm just gonna make it simple, no layout cause I'm lazy heh ^~^

anyways~ some rules before you advertise- DO NOT advertise if you aren't okay with getting an ad back. I will not look at your profile before sending back an ad, so don't expect me to- I don't have that much time tbh. sometimes I'll have an ad for about a month and I won't have sent an ad back, but trust me- you'll get one back eventually, even if it's been a few weeks or months.

next i'm just gonna list some people on here who mean a lot to me just cause i'm soft ; u ;

KieinWonderland - my best friend and the person who i dragged here with me lmao
jaehwanie - my bubby and person who makes me fluffy all the time cause ;;;;;;;;
QutiePie - mu super super nice friend who helps me get into a better mood when I'm sad and understands my mindset tbh ;;
SweetCookie - cORNER BUDDY
-golgi - my precious daughter and a super fluff ;;
-fairybread - mERMAID
vronvron - a super fluff ;;
dubulge - a human who makes me feel comfy places tbh and is just nice to talk to ;;
xicewolf - dISNEY BUDDY

i'm crying please send help I literally went through my friends list cause i forget usernames until I see them again half the time-