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idk i was used to mal being irene so tadah ~

im nayeon [A] 1 minute ago Reply

plus mal is super sociable as irene

park chanyeol 33 seconds ago Reply

mal is irene

About Me
"we have nothing else but ourselves." — psycheux, 2k17
what to know
Omg, what brings you here my love? Anyways, welcome to my dear wall! This is actually "meeooowwww-" to "5evertrash4jeon__" to "jxngkxxk__" so yEAH HELLO THERE PEEPS! ♥

And oh, thank you for my dear ventux for the username! I love you, baby boo! ♥ Mal loves you so so much ♥

What to know about me? Well, there's not that much to know about me; oh my, I'm so bad. Anyways, the name's "Mal", though some people call me "Maicah", which is one of my nicknames, or "Mal", or anything that you like to call! I'm a full-time student and my parents don't let me be in this site (or in every site I'm in) so I am on and off, I am on to times when I have my free time. It's been my 5 years- 6 years actually, in this website soooooo- yeah huehuehue. I am always in one RP to another; the online sign lies sometimes since I forgot to log off from my mom's phone. I am not into PMRP these days though you can catch me up in the RPs I'm in, and to be honest, I am around and you can see me literally everywhere. Doesn't make sense but it's true. Anyways, feel free to add me and talk to me! I don't bite don't you worry little dear!

And in case if I'm around and then I disappear out of nowhere, I'm either fangirling/surfing over my twitter account/making moodboards/tweaking layouts/doing my homework, or I'm off though I forgot to log my account off. Hit me up anytime and I'm willing to talk to you! d oes finger hearts and disappears into the darkness

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pb loves mal c:

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Tmw () exoticangel unnie added u to her friend list I cri ;-;

wys ur special af
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