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i tend to prefer all orientation rps-

everything else (straight, , yuri) are gucci too but i'm less likely to join.

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pmslip 5 minutes ago
js, sej and i talk abt how cute you are on a regular basis s h o t < 3
Irene 1 minute ago Reply 
Okay I am slowly waving my jxngkxxk__ x wassowasso flag pls dun mind me thank
Sejeong [SH] 3 seconds ago Reply 
Irene 2 minutes ago Reply
Okay so the reason I die
1. wassowasso
2. wassowasso
3. wassowasso

I bye
bae joohyun [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
do you know that I love you?
jieqiong Aug 7, 2017 1:31:00 Reply 
i would like to clarify: no matter where or when, ,, im always gonna be y o urs

i came alive to say this wow 
hope you're doing well out there i love you 

Tag: tae to my won MY CHANYEOL and the owner of my existence wassowasso✎ Tag
how faced was i when i made this
asteriaI Aug 4, 2017 19:28:43 Reply 
thank youuuu ;; anD you stay healthy and happy too!!
i lOve you lots and lots, as much as a gazillion tater tots- i had to make that rhyme i apoloGIse
s3xaddict69 Dec 14, 2017 5:13:54 Reply History
/loves you down because... <3
wonho 1 minute ago Reply
i forgot about all the evil in the world whenever i see brobro bl e s s
kim sejeong 1 minute ago Reply

and im like cant help oops
wong viian 1 minute ago Reply
alissa violet 1 minute ago Reply
a psa:
wasso's my one and only, whoever wants to disagree can speak now and forever lose your balls and / or your
the only one that manages to fluster me all the dam n time :<
ahsjskakda sighs wa s s o
swageinstein Nov 19, 2018 19:27:03 Reply History
happy birthday to the sweetest and person i ever met in this world. i don't know what is the nth birthday for you in this year but i hope you have a great birthday day. im gonna insert some of the wasso's smoothest in here

- "i'm supposed to go too, but baejoo seems to be holding me back as much as i'm holding her back-"

- kim junmyeon 2 minutes ago Reply
bae joohyun 11 seconds ago Reply
everyone here is gorgeous 

except you.
you surpassed that stage a long time ago.

- kim junmyeon 5 minutes ago Reply
bae joohyun 6 seconds ago Reply
im lost- i only have gps to suho now 

cute, does that lead you into my heart? because it doesn't need to anymore

by wasso 2k18

ps yes im totally whipped by you i can't deny that and even if i lied, everyone in the squad knows the real answer haha. thanks for filling my day before along with the squad. i really had many fun days with you guys around. thanks for being by side, i mean by hearing my rant and all although it was just a slight rant. it meant a lot for me. stay healthy and precious. and last but not least although you know that i love you, im still gonna say iloveyouwassowassowassowassoimallyoursmyheartisyours from the bottom of my heart <3
xu minghao。 1 minute ago Reply
welcome to this wonderful world where im everyone's son if its wasso
lana condor 33 seconds ago Reply 
o man i'm always soff for wasso
kim jongin 1 minute ago Reply
how to start up wasso.exe
sends a flying kiss
kim jiho [A] 5 minutes ago Reply
kim seokjin6:10:35 PMReply
wasso your creativity both impresses and repulses me but in the best way
son wendy. [A] 1 minute ago Reply
wasso is chefs kiss
zendaya coleman. 1 minute ago Reply
son wendy. [A] 2 seconds ago Reply
wasso is chefs kiss