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advertise everything. I don't mind, but do me a favor and only give me the name of the rp and the link.

i don't need all that other fancy stuff.

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jennie kim 55 seconds ago Reply 
wtf are choke sandwiches yongguk wyd


yongguk bang 2 minutes ago Reply 
oh- ya'll weren't broke like us so you don't know what choke sandwiches are

hyoyeon kim 1 minute ago Reply

all I'm saying is if you're not going to sack it, go home and whack it

wonjoong kim 48 seconds ago Reply

i might be tall
but my still small


seungcheol choi 27 seconds ago Reply

this whole rp is canceled

krystal jung 29 seconds ago Reply

minji won 1 second ago Reply
tigger is canceled

yongguk bang 37 seconds ago Reply

blocks soo

minji won 40 seconds ago Reply

tigger is canceled

krystal jung 58 seconds ago Reply

soohyuk lee 37 seconds ago Reply
switches t for n and it becomes something very dangerous

cancels soohyuk


taemin lee 27 seconds ago Reply

soohyuk is living comedy