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Wong Yukhei [A] 9:51:12 PMReply
yujin and I bonded over our love for ting.

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"Taehyun once said that he is jealous of my personality, because I tend to be full of energy with whomever I meet wherever I go. Although he did mention how I’m just a little too bright when it isn’t necessary to be so. However, there are times when I’m feeling down. I do try my best to get out of such mood when I’m out on public though. Because I had tried to stay positive and energized whenever we’re all tired, with vocal mimics and stuff, whenever I’m on edge, I felt like I found a stranger within myself. I know that a lifeless self not only drags myself, but also the members. So I end up joking around while talking nonsense. Either way, I think I am a positive person." ㅡ Mino