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i go by the name 'luna' on this website, so feel free to call me that, or whatever other nicknames i've acquired. im a coder, a designer, and a roleplayer, and i like to spend my time on here doing what i love best - writing. now honestly, i havent done much of that in recent days but whatever, at least im getting something done. you can often find me at my layout shop or my long running rp, or wherever else i manage to be lurking around. currently, i work as a part time babysitter for a demon child and his sister (though im trying to get a new job, ew). yay boring introductions.

i dont stand for bull. i've been hurt in the past, and i've done a fair share of hurting as well. i know i have. but even if i did something awful last week to yu, please know that im trying to be a better person. i wasnt serious about cleaning up my act until i finally moved away from my parents, but uh, yeah. here i am. but do not call me out for that happened years ago. that was the past, let it stay there. im not saying anyone should forgive me because :") yeah i was a . i know it. but that's not the same me anymore, so dont go around telling people it is.
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my one and only. you're the reason why im out here in good ol' sunny california, the reason why i ditched my old life and started a new one. you were the beginning i needed, and you're the ending i want to have. thank you for putting up with me during all the ups and downs, for doing all these god damn ships with me (what is it, like... 20 now?) and for being by my side for so long. its taken us a while, but we're here. and i dont want to be anywhere else. so thank you, the donghyun to my hyungsoo, the junggigo to my minwoo, and most of all (for username purposes), the wonsik to my hakyeon. i love you.
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Every time I watch that damn stage Hakyeon's face just goes straight to my muse's .

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