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hi hello there. you can call me moon, or luna, whichever you prefer. no, that's not my real name, but that wont be given out on this site because who needs to know that unless i know you in real life? honestly, i was around here since 2013, took a break, and came back, so you may or may not know me from before. anyways, im 19 98 liner, ayy), im a female, and im taken (since april 3rd, 2017). i live in california, the ing desert man, so gmt-7 it is. i dont go to school, though i want to get back into it, and as of right now i dont have a job... but im getting there. i do art, graphics, and coding, and you can check out my shop here! there's nothing else you really need to know, unless you really wanna get to know me. i dont accept friend requests unless i know you, so please dont come here just looking for a new friend.
my friends
koi-no-yokan: you know how much i love you. thank you for always being there for me when i needed you, and you know i've always got your back.
finesse: ilysm, you know? im always here for you like you've been here for me. stay precious, bbg.
sparklygayassglitter: you're always super amazing, and even if i cant remember the time we "almost ed" i still treasure you a lot as my friend. thank you for putting up with me. why is your un so long, like damn
sevens: you were one of the first friends i made on this site, and i still ocnsider you one of the closest people to me even if we dont talk too much anymore. keep your chin up darling.
shinseok: my star, i creish your presence in my life so so much. thank you for always shining supre bright in my life!
blackrabbit: there's so much i could say but i cant fit it all here so come talk to me if you wanna know what im feeling.
castadiva: i dont think you realize how much you mean to me... thank you, so much, for being by my side.
geulimja: you have been by my side (mostly) through so much-- i love you more than anything. thank you for being my friend.
lavender--: thank you for being my shoulder to cry on time after time. you are such an angel, ilysm.
babyant: you're a strong individual with an amazing sense of self-wroth... now just use your brain a bit more, babe. i love you so much!
honeymocha: ilYsm my meme master. i miss talking to you as much but i still worship your beatuiful being.
skillet-: i have so much to day, but i dont know if you want to hear it. i love you.
deullie: we may have just met, but i really adore you and i just want what's best for you. thank you for rping with me and accepting my friendship!
my muses
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twice's myoui mina, im nayeon, and minatozaki sana; boyfriend's no minwoo and kim donghyun; vixx's cha hakyeon and lee hongbin; got7's kim yugyeom, mark tuan, bambam, and im jaebum; monsta x's im changkyun, chae hyungwon, yoo kihyun, and lee minhyuk; sistar's yoon bora; loona's wong viian; seventeen's wen junhui, xu minghao, and jeon wonwoo; winner's kim jinwoo; bts's kim taehyung and min yoongi; oh my girl's yoo shiah; probably more to be added.
my frames
l. luda 9 seconds ago Reply
i could imagine bora
accidentally falling asleep tossing and turning at night, suddenly jolting awake in cold sweats yelling
l. luda 5 minutes ago Reply
or like bora sleep talking
"nan... neoui boyfriend... zzzz... neon.. naui.... girlfriend zzz"
l. luda 1 minute ago Reply
legend has it if you chant boyfriend three times while streaming boyfriend bora crashes in through your window
l. luda 1 minute ago Reply
bora flirting
bora: casually leans against a wall, rose in while she wiggles her eyebrows suggestively
bora: so... ya like boyfriend?
l. luda 1 second ago Reply
bora: say 5 words and i'm yours
"i stan and stream boyfriend"
l. luda 27 seconds ago Reply
i hope someone loves me as much as bora loves boyfriend
kondo yohji 4 minutes ago Reply
{} moon's obsession for minwoo is the cutest thing
ⓒ jongdae k。❝chen 57 seconds ago Reply
@ⓢ yugyeom k。 Ha! Ji! Ma! We've been doing art for YEARS, darling, and you're a bud waiting to blossom. You've been interested in the world of art for a little while compared to us, just a fraction of our lives as artists, and you finally got the means to do something you enjoys - and it's been only two months. The fact that you did something so nice and seamless in two months is so, so nice moon. And gosh, I'm proud of you. When you finally find yourself as an artist and blossom, you're going to be as incredible or even more incredible than us because, remember, art is subjective. And we all have different styles that sets us apart from one another, to suit all the tastes people have. That's the beauty of art - even our most early pieces are important, because thanks to that first step to wanting to become an artist, that we managed to become what we are now. Don't ever compare yourself to others because it isn't positive reinforcement, just look up to others for inspiration and for guidance, my love.
✿ Dabin's Hubby [ H ] [A] 4 minutes ago Reply
He is boyfriend trash
kim jonghyun 1 minute ago Reply
nyung is my kittykyun u w u
finesse [A] 4 minutes ago
sorry idk u liek dat-
hnNNNn nNn nNn Nn i feel like you shOULD know why i love you
like geez my twinkly twinkle star q n q you are super duper special to me ever since i co-adminned at an rp that you made, and dang that was the bEST(tm) decision i've ever made bc i was able to meet your lovely bootiful self and i don't regret becoming friends for eVEN A SE CO N D
you are the sparkling star that outshines all other stars, you put the sUN to shame bc you're so darn BRIGHT
and i know you were going through a lot, and still are going through so stuff, but i always admired how you found a way to power through all your troubles and worries
and nOW LOOK AT YOU, much happier and healthier and amAZING-ER (even though that's probably not even possible bc you're already the most amazing), but anyWAYS i love you so much and thank you for being my friend and even though we lost contact a lot a lot al ot alot alot alota lato we still somehow find a way back to each other, and pick up right where we left off
and idk about you but i think that's the makings of a trUE friendship right there ;;;; u ;;;;
i am not here for s and giggles. i am here to roleplay, and to occasionally make a good friend. if you have a problem with me, say it to my face. don't be passive aggressive es, and keep my name out of your mouth unless you're going to confront it. and if i've blocked you, there's more likely than not a pretty good reason. so stay the away. thank you, and have a nice day!
☆ you're my star ☆
your fave boyfriend stan
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