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"you're like a lost piece."
"my darkened spaces get bright with you."
"don't go far away."
"you're my star."
happy birthday, darling! thank you for helping me complete your gift, pfft. if i were to be honest, i never expected to become this close to you. i've always cared about you a lot but after talking with you more, i've grown to deeply care and love you on a different level. we've grown closer and it makes my heart very happy. i find joy in talking with you everyday, and i find it adorable when you miss me even though it hasn't been long since we've last talked. talking to you has become the highlights of my days, even if it's just filled with keyboard spamming or random pictures we take or would like to share. additionally, i know we've only played together once, but i really enjoyed it. i had a lot of fun and i hope we can do it again sometime soon! maybe with different games, or it doesn't have to be games and we can chill and watch random videos together. i like spending time with you. i sincerely hope we continue to keep this close bond that we have developed and that one day we're able to hang out with one another! and i hope we continue to create fond memories. please know that i'll always be there for you, you just say the word and i'll come running. i want to be there for you throughout your ups and downs! the worst and the best. i'll always want to try to help the best i can, and do whatever i'm able to within my power and with the distance. if there were to be a moment in time (as nobody can tell what the future may hold) where we find ourselves not talking, i can assure you you'll always linger in my thoughts and that you can always come talk to me anytime! i admit, i'd probably be very sad if there was a pause in our everyday conversations. hi, don't forget about me - regardless, i'm not going to leave you alone. you'll never be truly alone, okay? you are so strong and capable of anything. please continue to hang in there and continue to overcome every hill, mountain you come across! i'll also be there to hold your hand along the way, to help you whenever you stumble or fall. to also cheer you on every time you overcome a new obstacle! you're someone i hold so dear to my heart. also as much as you may disagree or try to reflect it back onto me, i think you're very cute! your personality is beautiful, and looking back onto when i first interacted with you (seeing you in multiple roleplays, simply checking in on you, etc.), things are definitely different. you're growing every single day, i'm proud of all your accomplishments both big and small. i could probably give you a whole series of books listing specific things i like and admire about you. i think you truly don't give yourself enough credit, and don't clearly see the beauty that is you and within you! you'll always be my star. although you definitely shine brighter than any star in the sky. i'll stop myself here, before i end up going off on another tangent and you'll never hear the end of it, hehe. i hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with memorable moments, gifts, and of course, cake! or just food in general. i love you, my star. please continue to shine brightly like you always do.
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blasfemme: (n.) a selfish user who wants to hold all the cute things and protecc them esp her lil babu luba who's honestly gonna rule the world in her teenie lil fist one of these days