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call me moon / luna - if you know my real name, please keep it to yourself. most people around here know me as boyfriend's biggest stan, which isnt a lie. no minwoo is my baby, my ultimate bias, and i love him with all of my heart. im 20 years old, and i was born and raised in massachusetts, though i live out in california now. not a college student, too anxious for that , though i do work full time ish (babysitting demon children). im aual and demiromantic, though im taken (since 04.03.17).
Listen. i've been a person. i know i have. but if you want to go and assume that im still the same show i used to be, you can kindly take your things and leave. no, there arent excuses, but im not even the same person i was a few months ago. so please, do not assume things. if you dont like me, cool. dont talk to me. i dont need negativity in my life when im on the right track. talk about me, you will be called out. thank you, and have a nice day. just remember to love yourselves, even if you dont think you're worthy of it.
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chemistry cha hakyeon
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wee woo moon taeil
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rp name character
rp name character
rp name character
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