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  • I am always logged in; that doesn't mean I'm always here.
  • I'm from the Philippines but currently in United Arab Emirates to wORK so, GMT +4.
  • I'm always available OOC wise - although I'm a social awkward human being that has anxiety and depression lacking personality but COME AT ME BROOOO~ <3
  • I reply at weird times that don't seem logical for my timezone
  • Based on the fourth bullet, know that I also have a life outside RPR and I also have work to be done so kindly be patient and bear with me, Although, pokes or just random greetings are highly appreciated. <3
  • Public Roleplaying, Private Messages Roleplaying? I'm always up for those, just drop by my wall or leave me a message, kindly find below for your references. :)
  • Themes or Genre/s Preferrences: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, College/University, Werewolf, Anime, Romance, (confident in Straight and also Only Vanilla though and rest can be negotiable or depending on my mood, I literally just at this genre so I'm very minimal.)
  • If your choose to advertise: ADS are always welcome but not, i repeat, NOT non-aus, masterxslave, dark and cracks theme.  if you advertise to me, expect something back.
  • Password for Advertising: If any of my muses below are available and free, Kindly indicate it on the beginning of your AD.
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and he said: 'girls your age, never mean what they say"
//: twenty-two; single - biual;  interested.
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