Personal Message

Number one way to get me to lose my muse is by saying hyung, noona, annyeong, gomawo, waeyo, pabo, etc. I don’t like honorifics, I don’t like Hangul being written in romanisation. It makes me lose my muse instantly... I won’t wanna roleplay anymore because I don’t find it enjoyable when people make their characters  talk like that.

secondly if you want ooc drama you can jog on because I don’t deal with that . You want to start ooc drama with me that’s a one way ticket to getting blocked. I’m not here to deal with 12 year old bullies who thing they can’t say whatever they want because they’re behind a computer. Life doesn’t work that way. You wanna be a rabid 12 year old, go spread your rabies somewhere else, and kindly off. 

Thirdly if you don’t know the difference between ooc and ic then you can jog on as well. If what my character is saying isn’t in brackets then it’s ic. My characters 90% percent of the time are dickheads. If you don’t like it don’t roleplay with me, or kindly pm me and say “ hey man can you cool it with your character.” I don’t need whiny babies crying because my JUDGMENTAL character is judging their character and being a prick. I’m not your mum, I’m not gonna coddle you and hold you hand saying “ aw I’m sorry I’m gonna change my whole character just for you sweetpea.” 

Fourthly and finally; I’m here to have fun and make friends. I’m not an ooc my characters are the s. If you actually talk to me in ooc you’ll see I’m nothing like my characters. Don’t take what my characters say to heart— it’s not toward you it’s toward your character who is a fictional person. I know I’ve already addressed this but I will address it again, I will NOT put up with ooc bullying, I will NOT put up with ooc drama. You wanna be a bully go to the playground and steal some five year olds lunch allowance. You will NOT bully me and you will NOT bully anyone if I’m around to see it. This is a place to have fun, not for people to start with other people. You wanna start go start somewhere else because I’m too old to be dealing with 12 year old keyboard warriors.