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❥ gahyeon l。2:12:15 PMReply

nana just survives on adrenaline and stress but the body's a full corpse

♔ naeun ᵍᵃʸᵃ [A]2:31:36 AMReply

nana: allergic to life and everything it contains

xu minghao 1 minute ago Reply

demon baby, PhD in clownery

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a supernatural city au for all you fantasy-loving folks out there! we accept any and everyone out there so long as it's reasonable! status: open & active!
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a nonau where the dead and demons dwell! proceed with caution! status: open & kind of active!
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matchmaker for the dead! get your second chances in life and in love! status: under indefinite hiatus!
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a royal au where four families compete for the throne! status: closed!
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