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since wherever is good, 'till the end of the world, take me with you。

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nana, chuuya
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january 6
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third, mirrored
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pantone #04213b!
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01. she/her. you may call me nana or any of my characters' name!

02. a gmt+8 lady, but i'm online at the most random of hours. during mondays up until thursdays though, it's hard to catch me during the days. i'm freer at the weekends.

03. i am an absolute er for romance, angst, and drama, so most of my plots go around those genres, but that doesn't mean i'm not willing to fluff and other things. my muse is simply the highest with those.

04. third pov > first pov.
rooms > walls > pms.
i prioritize the replies in rooms more, and tend to forget about the ones in my walls and pms so... uwu

05. if my muse is very high, my replies may come after an hour or less, regardless of its length. i am a detailed writer, and will not reply if you don't give me something to work with. i'm incredibly patient with replies, however.

06. a fair warning to those who wish to rp with me: most of my characters have pretty dark, disturbing and ed up backgrounds, which make them what they are at the present. as i haven't found my limits yet, they can get really sinister right off the bat. it's rare for me to have a soft character, and it'll take a lot to retain my muse for it.

07. please only add me if we've talked before and/or are friends. i do like to keep in contact with those i am friends with.

previous usernames:

— elgntflwr
— sxftcore
— tsukki
— chuuya
— sanshine

muses (in no particular order)

— kim minkyung / roa (pristin)
— park sooyoung / joy (red velvet)
— jang yeeun (clc)
— lalisa manoban (blackpink)
— jung soojung / krystal (f(x))
— yeh shuhua (g(i)-dle)
— song yuqi (g)i-dle)
— im yoona (snsd)
— lee jieun / iu
— lee simyeong (bvndit)
— lee sunmi 
— minatozaki sana (twice)
— kang seulgi (red velvet)
— jeon soyeon (g(i)-dle)
— jeon somin (kard)
— myoui mina (twice)
— shin yuna (itzy)
— hwang yeji (itzy)
— jennie kim (blackpink)
— kim hyunjung / seola (wjsn)
— lee jinsook / yeoreum (wjsn)
— kim yoohyeon (dreamcatcher)
— ahn heeyeon / hani (exid)
— jung jinsoul (loona)
— ha sooyoung / yves (loona)
— kim jiwoo / chuu (loona)
— kim jungeun / kim lip (loona)
— son hyejoo / olivia hye (loona)
— choi yerim / choerry (loona)
— heo yoorim / aisha (everglow)
— han eunji / mia (everglow)
— kim jiyeon / bona (wjsn)
— kim taeyeon (snsd)
— nastya kusakina (model)

— choi san (ateez)
— yeo hwanwoong (oneus)
— byun baekhyun (exo)
— park jaehyung / jae (day6)
— chittaphon leechaiyakul / ten (wayv)
— kim hongjoong (ateez)
— wen junhui (seventeen)
— yoon jeonghan (seventeen)
— lee seokmin / dk (seventeen)