Personal Message

Hey everyone im Aces, and here are my muses:
1. Rocky from Astro: Hes like the whole package if you have him in your RP I will always play as him.

2. Suga from B to the T to the S: I love him he likes brings out my savage side.

3. Daesung from Big Bang: hands down one of my favorite vocalists ever!

4. BlackPink and Mamamoo: these are my two favorite girl groups biases are F u pay me pump up the jam, and Moonstar~

5. BTS dance line: they are one of my faves and I only consider Jimin and JHope in dance line~

6. The H Twins in VIXX, Hongbin and Hyuk: these are my favorite less appreciated members.

7. B.A.P's vocalists: Love them to death.

8. Any member of Beast or Highlight esp. AJ.

9. ASTRO and Wanna One's Kang Daniel and Park Jihoon.

10. Last but not least, Any artist under SM that isnt in EXO or SNSD. (besides Kai. :P)