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↭ ♕ Ivory in the Mist¥↭

In a world torn by conflict, where 13 kingdoms collided for power, resources, and glory they sacrifice everything for a chance to control the Kingdoms and the most powerful natural resource on the planet known as Mist. Mist is an extremely valuable resource to all beings and races. It has the ability to power airships & transportation, generate entire cities as well as small villages and even revive dying wastelands, it is the number one most sought after power source. In the world name Heleo, the majority of the population reside on the Misty Continent, named after the thick Mist that blankets the lowlands. Large mountain ranges act as natural borders that separate its 13 races: Werewolves, Vampires, Demons, Angels, Shapeshifters, Dragons, Humans/Mages, Ghouls, Kitsune, Cyborgs, and fairies. Every nation has a monarchy to lead their people to glory and do their best to thrive. However, not all citizens are so lucky in this hierarchy. From royalty to slaves every nation has its own cultures and beliefs on how best to survive this merciless world. Do you have what it takes to survive