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Male: Lee Minhyuk (monsta x); Mark Tuan ; Choi Junhong ; Kim Kibum (SHINee); Lee Taemin ; Bang Yongguk ; Kim Hyojong: Females: Oh Jieun (Ulzzang) ; Kang Seulgi ; Lalisa (blackpink) ; Jennie Kim ; Park Hyemin (PONY); Kim Dabin (Ulzzang); Chu Sojung (Exy).
What's up piglets?? My name is-- let's go with Opal; You're not getting my real name right now.Some of you all may know me, some of you may not. But who I am isn't important because I'm only here to roleplay. So!In regards to roleplay: I rp just about anything, though I stick to because that's where my muse settles. I like anything angst: hit me with that heart wrenching , or fluff because who doesn't want something to coo at every now and then? I typically only rp on this website, but I would like to try rping on kakao again. That being said, please bare with my replies. I work everyday and a lot of the times, I'm dead tired when I get home and passout as soon as I lay down. In other words-- I can be slow and forgetful. Poke me if I haven't gotten to you within two days. Also, let's just make this clear now: I suffer from Bipolar Depression and Anxiety. Bipolar Depression is Bipolar but my episodes hover over the "depressed" part more often than not. So I apologize in advanced if my characters have moments where they are down-- I'm terrible with controlling my emotions, but I'm working on it. And for the love of god, please don't start an ooc drama with me. I've had up to the Empire State building with that and I'm pretty much finito with that bs. Oof. I sound like a don't I? I swear I'm not! If you want to roleplay or just chittachat, hit me up, I won't bite you-- hard.
insta:babypinkopal ; snapchat:joohoney100 ; kakaotalk:princessbbbear.
Rain drop, drop top.
All i do is eat non-stop.
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choi bella 1 minute ago Reply

okok uwu gemeni
gemenis are represented by the twins
meaning they usually have two contradicting ideologies to them 
in terms of handling things, the twins can represent the duality of using both experience and logic to solve problems
gemenis are very curious ans very adaptable
theyre very chill and are rarely mad
they like having a lot of friends around uwu and generally like being close to a big group of people
gemenis are ruled by mercury which is the planet of communication 
meaning, gemenis (like sags) have what's called the 'gift of the gab' or the ability to express themselves properly in whatever way they choose to be perceived