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Just call me Yuwei (my chinese nameI've been roleplaying for about 10 years now so yes...I'm an adult lol but still young. Was a member here in the past, took a little break then I decided to comeback

I can do 1st PoV and 3rd PoV. Bullet form, paragraph or semi - para.

I'm a mutiple fandom of so many things! From Music (so i can RP kpop) to movies, anime/manga and even books. So my reference for character reference is quite wide.

I can play most genre except Horror, gore, suspense or thriller! Or any sub genre included.

I love mixture of angst and fluff.

I can also do rp with in them just don't get too extrem with like blood play, knife play or those dungeon themes lol!

I love mafia/gang themes, Supernatural (the non-scary ones), History, Sci-fi and fanstasy

I am also a switch, both love playing as a Submissive and Dominant (if it's a male character, can't do Female Doms)

I think a lot of you are still into kpop. I'm a Monbebe! (Monsta X) Igot7! (Got7) Army!(BTS) Shawol! (Shinee) Carat! (Seventeen) Universe! (Pentagon) Melody! (Btob), E.L.F! (SuJu) Cheshire!(CLC) and Neverland! ((G)-Idle) 

Anyway just hit me up, message me on my wall or PM me and we'll talk :)