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  • Either or all orientation RPs. 
  • AU RPs please. 
    • Supernatural and Fantasy AUs are much loved.
    • A bit iffy towards ABO, may or may not join depending on whether I like the lore or nay.
    • High School/College AUs with a twist is always fun, though normal generic ones I might avoid.
  • Advert for Advert. 
About Me
Tenti Boi
about me
Selamat sejahtera. 你好。
Flexing aside. Hi, I'm tenpachi. My initial username was RinYukituji, and I have no other past usernames besides that. Changed because the name was too long and apparently was difficult to remember for someone ahaha okno. But yes anyway, you can call me Rin, Yuki, Ivan or Tenti. 
02 liner, passed birthday. Malaysian, hence the first two languages you find at the top. Feel free to talk to me in any other languages that isn't English, but they'll have to be Mandarin or Malay for obvious reasons. 
Bias groups are EXO, Super Junior and NCT. Casual groups include SNSD, IN2IT, ATEEZ and (G)-idle. Ultimate bias is Ten; ultimate bias wrecker of Taemin; biases include Chanyeol and Ryeowook.
I joined RPR around the start of February 2019. I was losing muse for fanfic writing at the time and was more in the mood for RPing, so I found my way here. The muse I started off with was Ryeowook, and he had been my solid muse for a good eight months or so before that muse started to deplete slowly. For a short time, I played as Zhengting (NEX7) before finally finding out about NCT, or more specifically WayV. 
Current hardcore muse is Ten, and would rather RP as him and no one else. Sometimes would pick up a second character, depending on my muse and mood for the RP. Usually RPing as my biases, and I tend to view them as bottoms; however, do not be fooled, I can still very well play as a top. In fact, my second characters usually tend to be tops ahaha. But then again, as I said, I view my biases as bottoms; anyone who isn't my biases are automatically top or, depending on my opinion, switches. 
I guess that's all I can say about myself? There's not a lot of amazing stuff to know about me, so I guess there you go! Feel free to talk to me, I am always open to meeting new people!
Till then, peace!
fun facts
  • Unnecessary, but: Biual, gender-neutral, switch versatile female. 
  • INFP, the Mediator. Personally, I'm pretty chill, if not maybe a bit chaotic. Witty and flirty af, so watch out or I might kiss you until you drop.
  • Uses a lot of emoticons when talking, especially when you read the friends list below this section later on.
  • OOC chatroom is a hyper puppy; OOC section on character profile is a passive-aggressive ticking time bomb. Or, in other words, duality :D
  • Naturally dominant, please don't have whiplash, oops-
  • True neutral moral standing, I would say. I don't like taking sides and try to avoid conflict. Don't bring your beef with someone anywhere near me unless we are close friends and you need someone to vent to.
  • Absolutely adore Hufflepuff (my favourite characters are Cedric and Newt, what do you think). Unfortunately, apparently I'm a Slytherin. I can see why though actually, oops-
  • Would probably either be an alpha or beta if ABO statuses exist, leaning more towards beta because I'm a simpleton that way. 
my friends
The Kyu to my Wook, sometimes the Hae to my Hyuk. Fellow ELF, came to me when I thought I was the only SuJu RPer. I can't imagine what would it be like if you haven't sent me that Character PM; everything went down from there. I can't thank you enough for indulging me in my KyuWook ship ahaha I mean what- 
But yes anyway, you'll forever be the best Kyuhyun RPer to exist and I am glad we met. You're my first ever RPR friend, and I adore you a lot. I'm sorry my muse for Ryeowook died, but know that I cherish every moment of our KyuWook together.
Thank you, for everything.
Met this crazy canni- //bricked
I mean, met this amazing and adorable sister in a horror AU RP, around the time my muse started to waver towards Zhengting. The only person I managed to talk to in that RP and the only thing that stuck with me about her was her love towards cannibalism LMAO OTL But yeah after a while the RP died and became friends-only so I left.
But then we reunited in that purple prose RP and I'm so freaking glad to meet you again, even though I was Ten by then. I can't believe you actually remembered who I was, I'm touched uwu Anyway, thank you so much for sending that friend request which I was too shy to send, otherwise I wouldn't have been dragged down into this hellpit- //bricked pt 2
I mean, I wouldn't have met the amazing you, that's all owo
I still can't believe you have four damn accounts, Jesus Christ how do you handle so many of them, mate-
The best part is, you sent Character PMs to my one Zhengting on all of those accounts, Icb-
I am glad we met. You're really fun to talk to and the sheer amount of muse you have never cease to amaze me. You brought my muse back for Zhengting in that New Life, New Beginning RP and I can't thank you enough.
You're sweet and nice and so so pure just omg how can someone as kind as you exist brb Imma go cry somewhere for meeting an angel like you-
Did I just become a sugar mommy making this kid my baby? OKNO LMAO
Met at a friend's freeverse RP and played Kun for her Yangyang, then things went from there.
My favourite victim uwu I mean what-
Taught me the SKSKKS language okno
Would always terrorise her with Kun and Yangyang and she would devastate me with y pics of Ten- //bricked
I adore her. She's precious, sweet, kind, silly, and just all around a pure fluff ball that I want to protect from the world. So believe me when I said I swear to every living individuals out there that if someone tries to hurt her in any way, shape or form, I'll come for your head for real, no joke. 
My mama, extorting money and swindling people- //brICKED
Okay, cut. Let me try that again.
So meet my mama. My first memory of her was when I posted a blog wanting to lure in victims- I mean, NCTzens to probably befriend. We may or may not have lost our minds from fangirling too hard over those amazing bois ahaha I'm sorry. 
But yes anyway, I joined her RP and we got even closer from there and somehow or rather I became her son so now here we are owo My amazing and beautiful and pure and sweet mama plus me, world's biggest nightmare of a son oKNO
My papa, the fiance to my mama.
First encountered at the purple prose RP. Never really got to RP because he yeeted not long after we PMed LMAO But also because the plot he had in mind was hMMM /COUGH/ probably not very suitable for me at the time 8'D
Crack aside, tis man a prose God and I can't for the life of me remember what that forsaken phrase he used on me in mama's RP ISTG. He loves teasing me, I wanna strangle him e n e But also just all around the jaded bastard you can imagine him to be hehehe Love him for that though, the best papa ever, the pollack king of RPR!
The LOML uwu This amazing person is a eucalyptus; she has my koala-fications and I would love to spend all my koala-ty time with her. 
Met at a Non-AU match-making RP, I think? Legit first meeting she was at work and yeeted before I could properly talked to her smh But thankfully, I was able to talk to her more some time later in the RP when everything slowed down. Some stuff happened there but it seemed to only bring us together, so even if it was a bit of a traumatic memory, I'm glad it happened or else I wouldn't be able to be closer to this amazing girl right here.
Still can't believe you accepted my friend request when I sent it asdfhjkl you were supposed to be a s l e e p - 
But yes anyway, I adore her dearly u w u My eucalyptus tree hehe I'll climb all over her and cling onto her no matter what 8'D
The only person to really see me as an angel instead of a demon like everyone else do SKSKSK Even calls me Tenshi I am s o f t
Pure, precious baby, must be protected. So sweet and nice, very silly and squishy. Lots of keyboard smashes ahaha my partner-in-crime for that I mean what- 
Please she is just amazing and darn adorable okay, wanna drown her in love. 
Adorable baby, introduced to me by naicha, my unofficial baby alongside naicha and a lot more GMT +8 friends o o p s -
Anyway, god of the ಠ_ಠ kaomoji. If I earn a dollar for every time she used this kaomoji, I would've been the richest person to live on Earth by now. Love that about her though.
She's cute, adorable, I wanna squish her, please-
I swear on my life that I am a nice person.
Just, may or may not have a pet peeve or two.
I absolutely loathe one-liners. Why do they exist anyway? How am I supposed to freaking response to your one 'okay' after I talked so much? It instantly kills my thought process and makes me feel pressured to continue the conversation. Please don't ever one-line me, whether when plotting or RPing.
I'm sorry, but I can't entertain you if you want to be a damsel/dude-in-distress or Cinderella. How can one person's life be so damn unfortunate to the point every breath they take in will result an offence against them? It gets annoying and unnerving after a while.
If you're gonna be trailing off a lot, or using '...' a lot, or generally stuttering the Hell out of your life; then please, see yourself out now. I don't need indecisive or a shy stuttering mess. Maybe you think it's cute, but I think you're just not confident. 
If you want to be subby, that's fine. If you're the kind of subby who can't protect themselves and get shy easily or blushes 24/7, then no. I am dealing with adults with problems, not children. 
Unfortunately, cross-dressing is not my kink. If it's your pastime, that's cool! But don't expect me to entertain you that much, especially if you're those kind of baby boy cross-dressers wearing girly clothes wanting a daddy, just- go away. 
roleplay rules
  • Highly prefer AU over Non AU as I won't feel pressured to worry about my muse's interactions with others and basing the relationships off according to real-life them. 
  • I RP both 1st and 3rd, though if PM RP, I prefer 3rd person so it won't become confusing. I use script for 1st person RPing; for 3rd, I use descriptive, para, novella and prose. You can check out my writing samples below.
  • Mostly play male muses, best if it's pairings. Depending on muse, top-bottom roles may vary. Straight and yuri are okay too, but will still depend on the muse being played. 
  • Any genres are fine by me, just not graphic gore where limbs fall and guts spill. Favourite genres include angst, drama, dark, fantasy and supernatural. is always loved.
  • Only hard limits are pee/-play. Lots of kinks, pick your poison, just ask if you're unsure. Disturbing themes are perfectly fine by me, so hit me with your best. 
  • I like to RP in roleplays rather than PM. That doesn't mean I wouldn't do the latter though. Don't feel shy to hmu for PM plot or advertise your RP, just be mindful of my rules. 
  • My default muse is Ten; I prefer pairings with him and he's a bottom for me, whether he's dom or sub will be up to your taste. Other male muses include Taemin (SHINee), Taeyong (NCT), Lucas (NCT), Xiaojun (NCT), Zhengting (NEX7) and Xukun (Nine Percent); aside from Zhengting, none of them are bottoms, most of them are tops, so feel free to choose any. Female muses I've played are Yuri (SNSD) and Yuqi ((G)-idle) only, though if you have someone in mind that you prefer, I'm open to RP as well.
❁⠀⠀TIRAMISU。 ⸢ すごい。⸥ ⠀ — ⠀ ❝ home of the tiramisu crisp ❞
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『 children of the moon 』
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PÍNGHÉNG 平衡 ❝the peace that comes when energies are in harmony and relationships are in balance.❞
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►( ヤ ク ザ ) YAKUZA ( ヤ ク ザ )◄ WHICH PATH DO YOU CHOOSE?
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『 syzygy 』— ❝the universe is yours to conquer❞
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