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giorno giovanna1:11:01 PMReply

Crixus: [ pretends buccciarati doesn’t exist ]


kuroo tetsurou4:26:38 AMReply

i really do love crix with my whole heart


kuroo tetsurou4:46:06 AMReply

crix is actually one of the most perceptive friends i’ve ever had, like he picks up on small cues and notices things other people don’t— like somehow he has focus on EVERYONE in a room and if you so much as BREATHE differently he’ll ask if something’s wrong because he’s the sweetest ever and shows more concern than i think i should ever deserve but he’s just like that because he’s our precious wittle dio uvu


langa hasegawa. [A] 5 minutes ago Reply

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kenma kozume.3:22:42 AMReply
shakes crix
We love you


sigma.12:43:48 AMReply

no one knows my crix like me


kuroo tetsurou.4:18:52 AMReply



gorou. Mar 19, 2022 17:07:46

someone: how down bad are you for flame
crix: i flirted with the truck


dazai osamu. [sh] 16 minutes ago Reply

Eren shaking in his boots waiting to be dom-topped if Kurokawa so desires to CC to a bear-