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Graphic Artist


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basic information



MissDaliah, Lela, RiRi



date of birth

may 21st


small business


Who the hell knows, not me

relationship status

Single; not looking for anyone either


ask to be added here ♥


ask to be added here ♥

writing style

Typically I mirror. But I have done Script, Para, Multipara, Novella previously. The longer the replies, the longer it takes me to respond.

pov preference

 3rd  for ALL Script/para/multipara/novella but will do 1st too.


I am currently kind of busy so bare with me on replies. if you aren't willing to wait DO NOT rp with me. Thank you and have a nice day!

It's All In the DetailS


Hey everyone. You can call me lela, daliah or riri. I am here to make friends and some good memories. i don't mind roleplaying via pm, rp threads, private threads. There will be times when my muse may be low so I would appreciate patience when it is. sometimes I just need some quick chats or script and prefer them over longer time consuming replies. i do tend to flip flop so if you can't handle that, then likely I am not the partner you are seeking.

history / about

personality junk Hangry, Smoll.

Likes DnD, Fantasy, RP.

Dislikes Put them here.

HobbiesDrawing, Sketching, Sleeping.

Secrets Small Business Owner.

Fears Failing, Going back to a 9 to 5.

The Quirks Fun Facts About Me.
— Graphic Designer.
— Etsy Shop Owner.
— 5'0".
— Tattoos!.
— Long Hair.
— Broke My Leg once.

personality / quirks

out of character


ONE. I'm on when possible and not always on when it says I am.

TWO. Detailed writer who loves to both plot and improvise, but prefers the latter. Plotting along the way is also a choice.

THREE. Use my wall for quick updates if needed, but cannot gurantee I will respond. Sometimes I have to urge to roleplay but rather just want to chat.

FOUR. I Try to reply in a timely manner. However, life can get in the way so be patient. Don't rp/talk with me if you can't deal with that.

FIVE. I tend to make a lot of typos and leave out words. Probably because I type too fast, and probably because I don't notice. Bear with me.

SIX. You don't need to remind me I owe you a reply. I definitely know and will update you on why I haven't responded yet.

SEVEN. I am not my character. In the chat, I do get lazy and will talk ooc about things, but when it comes to actual roleplaying, me and my character are two different people. Don't get us mixed up.

Eight. I prefer not to plot romance too much. however, will happily do so if asked. when plotting romance, I must know the hard limits of my partner and their character. we can also plot their relationship as much or as little as needed.

out of character


Fantasy, Drama, Fluff, Potential , Open

Possible ABO, not mandatory. Will Top or Bottom. Can be in any setting such as city, school, etc. Highly prefer for it to be m/m, .


Fantasy, Drama, Fluff, Potential  [Open]

Prefer vampire/vampire parings. Will only do Vampire/human if human partner is 21 and over. Highly prefer for it to be m/m, .

Dragons And Adventure.

Fantasy, Drama, Angst, Fluff, Potential  [open]

Think dungeons and dragons. At the very least going on an adventure with strangers/friends to make money and whatever other reason. Characters would end up in the party together or at least interact consistently if not. Highly prefer for it to be m/m,

Baked Goods.

Romance, fluff, Potential [Open]

My character would be a baker. Possibly own their own shop, online business, or just a hobby. Our characters would meet through the baked goods made and a romance will blossom. Highly prefer for it to be m/m,

Vestis virum reddit.

genre, rating, status, etc.

Information here.

Vestis virum reddit.

genre, rating, status, etc.

Information here.

Vestis virum reddit.

genre, rating, status, etc.

Information here.

Vestis virum reddit.

genre, rating, status, etc.

Information here.

Vestis virum reddit.

genre, rating, status, etc.

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