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Hey, hi, hello!

You will know me as Saorsa ( sehr-sha ), you may have seen me around the site here and there in different roleplays but if you haven't, then it's a pleasure to meet you!first off, I’d like to say thank you so much for taking the time to click on my humble little gallery / shop / whatcha-ma-call-it, I hope that I might be able to provide you with a layout that suits your needs either now or the in the future!

While I'm certainly not as good as other coders on this site, I'll try my best to offer you something a little different. My style varies but you can almost always guarantee I'll be using colour. I quite enjoy making miscellaeneous layouts such as blogs, music players, etc. so you will see that a majority of my gallery will comprise of those.

All codes are done by me and me alone ( unless stated otherwise ) but my inspiration comes from various sources; credit will be given where credit is due. Make sure to read all the rules regarding the gallery!
» favourite and comment the gallery when using a layout, upvotes aren't mandatory but very much appreciated

» this is fairly obvious but don't steal any of my codes. don't be a dickhead.

» if you see anybody who has obviously used my code in their own work, please let me know immediately. don't enable other people being dickheads, i've already made a call out blog about it; i'd rather not make another one.

» if looking to learn how to code, you're welcome to look at my work as long as you ask first. i'm more than happy to provide help to those who ask.

» layouts are 100% customizable as long as the credit remains. colours, images, etc, can be altered to your needs. if you would like to make a specific change to a layout, feel free to ask me to do it for you.

» feel free to comment or private message me if you have any issues!
coders' corner!
art provided by Janice sung
rufus dU sol — you were right 
joshua burnside — blood drive 
latest releases!
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xicewolf 21 hours ago
Using Blythe again! Thank you!
cephei 1 day ago
using narcissus, thank you.
horanghae 1 day ago
using dublin jack
softspot- 1 day ago
using dublin jack
thank you
softspot- 2 days ago
using aēsop
thank you
tsujikiri 2 days ago
once again using blythe!
vanitas 2 days ago
using tenacity
Freakazoid27 3 days ago
Using Dublin Jack! ♥︎
cinnnamon 4 days ago
using narcissus, thank you!
ningning 4 days ago
using narcissus. thanks!
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