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mxgnum dxng
design magazine by saorsa
always favourite the roleplay if using a layout. 
always comment when using a layout, even if in private. if i find that you've used a layout without commenting, i'll reach out to you twice before adding you to the blacklist. 
you can tweak layouts as much as you like as long as the credit remains. that includes colour changes, changing graphics, etc, to suit your needs. 
i do allow users to use my codes as a learning tool but i ask that you follow the rules as usual and state your intention. if you need help, then please ask for it or join my tutorial workshop 'in the works' for help. 
do. not. steal. do not claim as your own. if i catch you or somebody notifies me of you doing this, you'll automatically be added to the blacklist and blocked. don't be that loser, it's not hard to ask for assistance. 
about the gallery
hello hello! Welcome to mxgnum dxng, the gallery that initially started out as a bit of a meme and ended up turning into a fully-fledged layout gallery. updates will be a snails pace because i'm not on rpr as much anymore but i don't have any plans on abandoning this place anytime soon.
my style is a little all over the place and i tend to shake it up every so often when i feel like something new. my main sources of inspiration come from web and mobile app designers, as well as tumblr and pinterest on the odd occasion, as i enjoy keeping things a little playful, a little colourful and snazzy.
most of the images, gifs or graphics used in my layouts are created by somebody else, credit will always be given where credit is due(unless i can't find the original lol).
i do hope that you enjoy these layouts and keep on coming back!
love, saorsa. 
+ yxgurt
+ pixels
+ realllllmino
+ sparklygayassglitter
+ barbatos
+ 4676779
+ verasce
+ jaeknight


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ilhwamun 3 days ago
using veronique as well, thank you!
ilhwamun 1 week ago
using narcissus, thank you!
barbatos 1 week ago
using kosmique! the whole set, thank u <3
remuslupin 1 week ago
using feyde
vanitas 2 weeks ago
using kosmique, rooms
parsley 2 weeks ago
using st lavender pack
vanitas 2 weeks ago
using veronique
cupidstupid 3 weeks ago
using peachy keen
hector 3 weeks ago
using narcissus and fayde, thank you
manwolism 4 weeks ago
using finley on aff (-haruman) thank you!
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