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Beelzebub - "prince of the Seraphim and next to Lucifer (Michaelis)" reigned over the witches' sabbat appeared in the form of a giant fly
corresponding saint - St. Francis


The Blossoming Beelzebub - Dir en Grey

Beelzebub - Fill the Void ft. Hiro (Nokubura)

About Me

I've rped Diru, Razor, lynch., Nokubura, Disturbed, Penicillin, Arlequin, Children of Bodom, Black Veil Brides, Gazette, An Cafe, D, Versailles, Phantasmongoria, and only ever done once was Slipknot. Yes I like metal. Don't know why that's weird.


I do not do PMRPs, please don't ask. Don't randomly add me, unless we know each other from a place and have plotted before. Don't mind chatting, just don't friend random people.  Don't advertise non-aus.