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i haven't been around for a while and because of my schedule, i'm in and out of rpr often. it depends on my muse how active i get- i'm usually here looking for long-term inbox roleplay partners or au third pov roleplays. so you'll find me there!

i'm into /straight roleplays - usually a switch or bottom. a lot of my preferred plots involve mature themes, just wanted to get that out there.

i reply fairly quick, especially when i'm really enthusiastic about the plot. in cases where i don't reply as fast, i'm probably busy and i'll get back to you as soon as i'm free. i try to make time to reply as much as i can. when i don't, i'm 100% swamped with work or irl things.

i love making new friends so hit me up with some small talk or smth, i'd love to get to know you! (tbh i love making friends but i just at initiatiing sometimes bc i'm awkward af). 

i'm a starlight / monbebe and an nctzen somehow. i'm a dancer and a make-up junkie as well.  i love to travel, go shopping and basically discover new places.

plot with me - give me tons of drama and angst, i live for that . i'm into supernatural aus but any well thought out plot would tickle my fancy as well. 



male: jung taekwoon, lee hongbin, shin wonho, chae hyungwon, huang zitao

female: park sojin, ahn heeyeon (hani), minatozaki sana, jung chaeyeon, kim yebin (rena), kim chungha


otp / plots

park sojin x jung taekwoon [ vampire!au]

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jung taekwoon x lee hongbin [ rating ]

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+ status, genre, etc.

chae hyungwon x shin wonho [ rating ]

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+ status, genre, etc.


genres / plot themes

0001 vampire!au would be at the top of my list

02 supernatural!au, gang/mafia!au, fantasy!au and medieval!au comes in pretty close too 

03 with a good plot line i'd consider university/highs school!au and city!au too

04 i'm interested in forbidden love, , dd/lg, dd/lb and  themes but don't hesitate to throw more ideas out there when we're plotting

05 i don't really do tv series/book series based roleplays since i'm usually not familiar with the fandom

06 if you're familiar with overwatch or the movie 'call me by your name' i'd be happy to roleplay those with anyone, just throwin' that out there in case anyone's interested

07 i'm open to most plot ideas, if you have any that would suit my muses/pairings - feel free to let me know!


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