Personal Message
please do not friend me
unless i know you from an rp.
i don't mind being friends, in fact
that is very much encouraged, but
won't add people i don't know or
those who just want to advertise.
thank you for understanding! ^^
About me
There's not much to be said. if i know you from an rp please feel free to add me i will be more than happy to become friends. you can ask for my kkt but i don't give it to everyone. returned after a long hiatus and i'm extremely busy so i'm not looking to be in more than a couple of rps. will only join 3rd pov or detailed 1st. i prefer au rps. i will only join if is allowed. please do not advertise to me at all. if we are friends and you want to talk about a place with me that's fine, but no ads on my wall. You can find me at:

The Dome - Park Jimin // Bang Mir

Life - Park Jimin
Some other crap
i  love kpop but i do not follow it like i used to WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BTS. I THINK THAT IS PRETTY OBVIOUS lol. i like lots of different styles, though and some of my favs are ; shinee, block b, bap, big bang, 2ne1, monsta x, MBLAQ, exo, ikon, nct, db5k, history, dmtn, vixx, 2pm, boys republic, 100%, x-5, ukiss. there are plenty of others i listen to just a few songs by, these are the ones i frequent. again, i dont stalk kpop and breathe it the way i used to so don't expect much obsession from me unless it's thirst lol. 
friends - Important people
About Me jonghyun

........april 8th 1990 -

....december 18th 2018 did well worked hard peacefully