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flower boy.
a layout gallery by yxgurt
welcome to FLOWER BOY, a gallery created by yxgurt on roleplayrepublic. the coding style is based on minimalism and simplism. the style was developed as tumblr, pinterest, we heart it, and other sites being the main source of inspiration. I do not claim my layouts to be original, hence some are inspired by other coders, artists, users, music, magazines, books, etc. the flower boys are mainly rpr oriented, even they should work on aff too. 
i do nor claim any moodboard pictures, edits as my own, so the credit goes to their respectful owner unless the edits are made by me alone.
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rpr rules
+ 001

before you use any of my layouts, please favorite the roleplay. ( upvoting is optional but very welcomed )

+ 002

leave a comment below if you are using any of my layouts, this is a must.

+ 003

you are allowed to customize the layouts as you please. ( change colors, pictures, etc. )

+ 004

do not use my codes as a base for yours; do not copy&paste anything from my codes, i recognize my style and the technique. do not copy my style. i'm not 100% original myself but i remain loyal to my own coding style. you do the same.

+ 005

do not claim my layout as your own or remove the credit. i will block you. ( can i find you on aff too : )

+ 006

in case you see me using a layout that is not listed in the gallery, please do not use.

+ 007

all the codes are coded by me, i'm the owner so as soon as i ask you to take a certain layout down, i have all the rights.

+ 008

before you decide experimenting or deciding to teach yourself coding based off my codes, you have to ask me for permission first.

+ 009

if you see somebody that claimed the layout as theirs or copied the style or concept please contact me personally.

aff rules
for aff users the rules are mandatory.  you must make an acc so i can track if you are following the rules.
+ 001

if you plan on using my layouts on asianfanfics, follow the same rules as everybody and favorite ( for this you have to make an account & comment with your aff username & link ).

+ 002

do not claim the layout as yours by removing the credit, even if it's by accident. check twice. ( this happened on asianfanfics in special ). 

+ 003

do not use my layouts as a source of inspiration for your own codes if you're an aff coder (i'm tired of hitting aff coders up ). similarities do exist, but not when you see the exact same thing you came up with, and then you suddenly see it in everybody's codes from aff, hoping I won't be able to find it out.

+ 001

for layout support contact me on rpr instead of aff, i'm mainly active here. these layouts are coded for rpr mainly, i'm not 100% sure they will look the same on aff.

Everything is coded by yxgurt. layout inspired by pinterest and tumblr.


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theblueberries 23 hours ago
using kaleidoscope too!
theblueberries 1 day ago
using instagram code 2 <3
krrroooonk 1 day ago
using porcelain & instagram extended. thank you!
calcifer- 2 days ago
Using Clarity on AFF

Account name : calcifer-
Account Link: https://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/2307808
Story Link: https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1482776/
samgyup 2 days ago
using 1977. thank you!
wanderers 2 days ago
using psyche
cloudlatte 2 days ago
using galaxy c:
-samelove 3 days ago
using adonis
revblinks 3 days ago
using flaneur and kaleidoscope
-samelove 4 days ago
using venice
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