» The Instincts of Simulation « [Reopened - 12/19/16] All orientations || 3rd pov only || Plot Oriented

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»The Separation «

Earth. Our origins.
Home... Is not what it used to be.
That is why we left. To space. Away from home.

The Committee tells us that Earth is dead. Barren. Nothing lives on it.
The last nuclear war wiped out all life on the planet.
That is why we left. To space. Away from home.

They say that nuclear winter will continue on the planet for at least another century.
There is nothing we can do but wait.
That is why we left. To space. Away from home.

But... We see lights. In those few days where the clouds part slightly.
We see lights. And that means life.
That is why we left. To space. Away from home.

Curiosity overwhelms us. We wish to know what survives down there...
The Committee cannot stop us. We want to see for ourselves.
That is why we return. To Earth. Back to home.

Welcome to The Instincts of Stimulation, a roleplay where you are not an idol... Or just an ordinary human. Here, you are something more, something that has so much potential. But will you fulfill it? Will you break free from the tyranny reigning over you, whether you live under the vicious fangs of the Vampires or the unmoving coldness of the Androids?

Only your instincts will tell you.

Listen to them.

» The Descriptions «

Please, please please... Read all the informational rooms before you even start thinking about making a character.

They start after the Masterlist~


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redzebra21 4 years ago
lol okay now Hyejeong actually left, a year later O.o
Chocopa 4 years ago
OK I feel really really really REALLY BAD ;_; as I`m never active in this rp, adn I feel really bad for it and all that stuff... and basically exams is coming up and well.. I practically never do anything here, adn well .... I guess by reading this you know what I have to do, but its because I lost in many rps and well... yeah...

SChool x.x *dies*

so I have to tell that nicole has to quit this rp D:

I have met so many nice and amazing people here, this was the rp that teached me to write more than just 200 words, and with this as an inspiration I have become a better rper, that WRITES HELL A LOT :D <3 thansk everyone


AND T.O.P LOVE YOU TOO DEAR !!!! *snuggles everyone *

Thanks for having me hair for such a long time ! Gonna miss chu <3333
Stormageddon 5 years ago
Ay! *cool handshake* What's up ma friend? ^^ Um, I think this rp idea is fricken amazing! *^* Like seriously, I love it. So~, I was wondering if maybe I could try to bring this rp back to life? T-T I'd love too! You don't have to but maybe you could give it to me? >.< O Jeez. I feel like an for asking but if you would I'd love you forevar! :3 *huggles* Just reply to this when you get the time! ^^
stereotype 5 years ago
Name: Bang Yongguk
Creature: Werewolf
Ghostbusters 5 years ago
Name: Lee Taemin
Notorious: Half Breed (Is that alright~?)
Joonivy 5 years ago
Name : Huang Zitao
Notorious : Vampire Slayer Leader
redzebra21 5 years ago
lmao hyejeong is finally leaving! thanks for the fun guys, honestly, this is a really cool rp <3
InTheNameOfTVXQ 5 years ago
*runs around*
I'm the best Kyuhyun everrrrr!
ChanRiB 5 years ago
This isn't is it? 'coz if it isn't I might join.... I haven't read the description yet though. Tell me if its or not kay? If you don't tell meh anything I won't join :)
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