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REVEL Entertainment
Opened March 21, 2017 (international day of happiness) — __ Members — 
          Revel Entertainment was established in 2010 by popular soloist Lee Ahreum. It is widely known that the company houses popular CF models, soloist, and actors, in it's early days. As Revel is one of the leading entertainment companies in South Korea, in 2014 they expanded their reach by holding public and global auditions open for debuting idol groups in the future. Previously, the company only garnered talents by street-casting or signing-in experienced or popular artists in their field through conncetions. The entertainment company was named by Lee Ahreum, deeming "Revel" fit to its aims and goals. Revel means to take great pleasure or delight, and, lively and noisily. Revel Entertainment talents are all represented by Red Firebirds. The Firebird is one of the most colorful legendary animal figures of Russian magical tales (fairy tales). With golden feathers and eyes like crystals, the majestic creature is a powerful source of light, and even one of its feathers can illuminate a whole room.
Rules & Guidelines
Rule #1 — Must Favorite the RP. Upvote is appreciated.
Rule #2 — One character per user ONLY.
Rule #3 — Comment the full name of character you wish to reserve. You can choose an          existing idol/actor/ulzzang or create your own. Just inform the Admin.
Rule #4 — Only allow straight. If you are a boy then you are a boy.
Rule #5 — Do not be rude and respect one another. 
Rule #6 — No OOC drama, one liners and biased replies. Rated M subjects, crack are             allowed only at Spam room.
Rule #7 — You are all trainees unless told otherwise.
Rule #8 — Use 1st or 3rd POV.
Rule #9 — 1 week inactive strikes a warning. If you exceed 3 days of inactivity after               that then you will be kicked out, but you can re-apply.
Rule #10 — If you are going on hiatus inform the admin how long.
Rule #11 — Read over the application on Rules to apply.
Rule #12 — Have fun!!!
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