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Two hundred forty seven years ago, one man came to power. His people believed he was their savior. He was the sole hope they had to defeat the tyrant and his army. He gathered people of from the common wealth and the poor. Never discriminating against the unwealthy. After a grand struggle over a decade, this man and the people overcame the tyrant. However, they didn't expect the man to have been sadistic ruler. The man was even worse the tyrant before him. He tortured and killed the people that once helped him to power. People don't live forever. Now his great, great, great grandchild is in power. That family is still in power. He takes his people and makes them kill each other to survive. The scenery changes to his liking over the years. The winner is promised  riches and fame.

You choose your fate; your destiny. Can you stay strong in the midst of those who are trying to kill you? You are placed in this play of blood for entertainment.

You can either be a traitor, a commoner, or a knight.

Traitors are the descendants of those who were part of the tyrant's army and family. They live in quiet hoping not be tortured for their ancestors crimes. They are subject to ridicule most often.

Commoners are the descendants of people who helped destroy the tyrant those many years ago. They range from common wealth to the poor.

Knights are those who guard and protect the ruler. They kill, torture, and fight commoners and traitors. They are of common wealth or of riches. Some are even previous winners.

This is a Alternate Universe, Third POV, Semi Para/Para, Action/Fighting, Gore, - Roleplay


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