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pure aesthetic 。
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The world Is full of unique beauty- beauty that is underrated and overlooked by people who find something more stunning in their eyes, changing their opinion on what beauty really is. Wether is be a person or a simple object, isn't there gonna be something that is more pleasing to the eye? Why can't people be more accepting to the unique beauties of things and not always go for the mainstreamness of things? How about we change that and do it here


Let's embrace the aesthetics

1.) of courSe faVorite the rp, and if you like here  hit that UpVote oknojkswellmaYbe
2.) please keep the crack to the minimUm bUt lets  be honest with ourselves, crack is great #dontacceptcandyfromstrangers <---pw 1 btw
3.) facechasing- you know what i dont care, we all do it at one point but please just dont ignore people because of It
4.) dont ualize minors, thats not gucci 
5.) pw 2: whats your aesthetic? (BetyanotevenreadingtherulesLMAO)
6.)  no character lImit just please  do keep them active
7.) internatioLs and all orientations allowed
8.) im going to put a point system on the hiatus/semi hitaus- you may be asking why- but thats because its not really fair if someone desires a character and they just happen to be on hiatus and the person has like 50 points, so points needed for hiatus is 150
9.) if you leave please do not comment down below because its very discouraging seeing those dip comments, instead pm an admin
10.) jesushowmanymoreruleshopi  im going to say this once, please i mean please do not stIck to one clique try to socialize with evryone This isnt no highschool au rp snapsdefingers ill kick your if you do u w u in a semi nice way
11.) ill put rooms when requested because i dont wanna have all these rooms with no one rpiNg in them , so if wanna have a wish granted please just ask!
12.) dating- ok there is no dating ban but please do get to know the person before rushing into things, also move in couples are allowed
13.) ooc drama be kept seperate frok any of the rooms please as some people can find it uncomfOrtable if you suddenly start throwing hands oknookyes there will be a rant room if ya need to let it all out
14.)lastly have fun! Be weird, be unique but most importantl be you <3
NaMe:: ex- Jeon Jungkook
group/occupation: ex- Bangtan
ual orientation: Ex- Demiual
timezone: +8
pw 1: read the rules
pw 2: read the rules


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