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We are a place you can call a "home"; the sort of place where you feel like you're part of something more than just a small circle of friends and your band members, a place where romance isn't the only thing in existence and where you don't get singled out. Our dynamics range near and far but it can be summed up easily:
we are a Family.
Everyone has a voice, no one is alone, no matter the issue, big or small, we are always ready to offer our ears and our help. We will never quit, even when people come and go- we are a constant. A safe place. A haven. We are always going to watch the push and pull of the tide, welcoming those who wish to go and saying farewell when they wish to leave, knowing they can always return should they wish to.
We all have good days, and we all have bad. Some of us go through heart break, while others suffer loss. These are part of what makes us human, what makes us feel alive. There is no such thing as perfect, but we like to pursue it all the same. Hold your chin up, on those dark days, let the stars be your light at night, and in the day. We will embrace you and give you a place to fit in. You are not alone.
Join us.
hanyu yuzuru
head admin
hanyu shoma
lee felix
trial admin
name here
name here
**please use the full name of the idol/model/actor you wish to reserve in the comments. no internationals, sorry.**

01. Please favourite the roleplay. No favourite, no character. Upvotes are welcome but not expected.

02. Face claims must be 18+. There will be no minors here.

03. Character limit is four per account. First and second are available upon joining. To get your third, you must advertise the roleplay in a blog and post the link in the comments. All three characters must have 500+ points to get your fourth. You can have characters from the same group.

04. Character changes (cc's) are allowed. If you ask for a cc as soon as you join, your character will be deleted and you must reapply entirely.

05. Two week dating ban upon joining as any character. the ban can be tracked in a room under the information tab. This rule is in place to help prioritise inclusivity and friendships. This is not a focused roleplay, so if you're here just to thirst, don't bother applying.

06. We allow move in couples. Please remember to put the date and who in your applications when you apply otherwise you will be treated as though you a single thus be on the dating ban list.

07. Inactivity is set to 8 (eight) days. We understand life commitments and work/school. But if you can't at least be active once a week, this place isn't for you. Upon going inactive, you will receive one notice/warning with instructions on how to remain in the RP. If you fall inactive again you will be removed and your character deactivated. Should you wish to come back, you will have a fresh slate character.

08. Be aware of the room flow. Every room has it's own rules on what is acceptable and not acceptable. Keep OOC in the OOC room and do not bleed it into IC chat rooms. i.e. if you have to go to work, say "practice" or 'the studio'- remember you're an idol/actor/model. You want to rant about what a bad day you had at work, take that to the OOC room. We do allow a certain level of IC drama but it needs to be plotted and an admin notified otherwise we panic is gonna hit the fan.

09. Male pregnancy {mpreg} is allowed here. { p a ssw o r d: Great Spirit } however there are rules and regulations in place which you can find in the baby room within the information tab. There is no "surprise I'm pregnant, you have to stay with me!" drama here.

let it be known that by joining celestial spirit, you are automatically allowing yourself to be adopted by the mother of the roleplay, uno hanyu shoma.
01. full name
02. age
03. idol group
04. password
05. [move in couples only] s/o + start date
celestial spirit.
update: with the amazing help of a moon stone, the roleplay moonlight origin evolved into a strong celestial spirit!
Welcome to the revamped Moonlight origin; same amount of crazy and friendships, new shiny name. five months open and still going, let's be ambitious and go for a one year milestone and see where it goes from there!
jeon jungkook | lee minho | kim wonshik
past features can be found in the moon-stagram room!


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GimmeWhiplash 15 hours ago
I don’t see 9s
But can I also have room notif off?
Both bin and hao, please
GrowingPain 16 hours ago
I want to get my notifications off, please.
Tataebae 17 hours ago
Thank you for having me lovelies~
I think its about time I take my leave~
love you guys!!!
bluebelle 1 day ago
can i please cc kim yohan to park seonghwa?
foxess 3 days ago
Is kim seokjin available ?
shouya 4 days ago
may i cc jung wooyoung to kang yeosang please
devilish 5 days ago
kim yugyeom please?
flowerpots 5 days ago
Can I have my notifications(?) Turned off
KpopVamp [A] 5 days ago
Hanji- 6 days ago
i miss you guys..
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