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australian fairy bread, don't knock it .

previous usernames, in order of what i can remember but i know there's more than what's listed here

1. butternutdragon

2. royaltrump (in no way related to the ing moronic american president - this name came from a tumblr rp i was in back in 2012 where my character had a clothing brand based on a deck of poker cards and the joker is also known as a trump)

3. lazuli

4. sugasafiya

5. euphoris

6. pumpkinbloom

7. crownedgarnet

8. breadbuttersprinkles

9. butterbreadsprinkles (cause i ed up the meme name and literally name changed immediately after i changed to breadbuttersprinkes.)

helpful links - come stalk me cause why the not, right? Not like any of you are in Australia anyway!


Deviantart || asianfanfics 




advertising rules.

might wanna pay attention if you want me to pay attention to the place you're trying to advertise.

i opened my wall so people whose walls i post on for advertising can access me, i did not open it for people to post ads however, if your roleplay follows the below critera, i will leave the ad on my wall.

#01 - only - do not post ads for all orientations/yuri/straight. I will not even bat an eye. your ad will be deleted.

#02 - you want to post an ad, your wall better be open so i can post an ad in return. if not, your ad will be deleted.

#03 - i accept au and nonau as long as they follow the first critera.


Three rules, surely you can follow them? if you don't, ads will be deleted and the user blocked so all future advertisements can't be posted. 


sub note - got a roleplay you want to help promote? talk to me about becoming an affiliate to Moonlight Origin - I affiliate you, you affiliate me back.




Getting to know who they are.

Last updated 05 may 2019.

Personality i'm australian so i'm dramatic.

Likes all the things that are bad for you, swearing.

Dislikes peanut butter, jam, vegemite (ing fight me).

Hobbies reading, writing, drawing, working.

Secrets like i'm gonna openly admit them here.

Fears dying, being forgotten.

The Quirks Fun Facts About Them.
— Quirk here.
— Quirk here.
— Quirk here.
— Quirk here.
— Quirk here.
— Quirk here.



character list.

all the characters i currently roleplay.

the list of characters i am in roleplays with at the moment, however these are not all my muses. just the list of who i am. a few are inactive or just there for memory reasons but they are added in order of when i got them, with jeongin being the first since i returned to rpr in november 2018. poor bom - the only female. would be keen to roleplay as any male really from 3rd gen onwards. I do try to avoid doubling up since I hate having to figure which  tag is where, the only exeption being hanyu yuzuru.



other useless crap.

odd and bobs you should know about me.


i work a 9 to 5 job tuesday to friday - during these hours i am selective on my @ replies and rarely do wall replies at all.


weekends is when i'm in the zone to do all replies but i usually flow where ever my muse takes me. do not feel disgruntled if you see me roleplaying as one character in a rp we are in but not the alts i might have. i'll reply when i feel the muse to otherwise you get terrible replies from me that i am not feeling.


don't rush me. sometimes i flip flop, i might say i'll be here at a time but something might come up or my mood might drop - don't ing hound me for responses cause chances are it'll make me even less inclined to reply.


i run my own roleplay { moonlight origin } and will tend to prioritise replies there over anywhere else. It's nothing personal. I assume you would do the same too if you admin your own.


i also co admin a few roleplays. if you need a co admin, feel free to ask me my availability. i'm usually a good admin for covering those dead hours because of my time zone which brings me to six.


i am in australia. my time zone is GMT + 10 between the first sunday of april til the first sunday of october, then i bcome GMT + 11 between the first sunday of october to the first sunday of april - daylight savings es. love it in summer. because of this, most people are anywhere between 14 to 20 hours behind me.


i suffer from depression and rpr is my outlet. do not it up for me please as i am actually easy to get along with, tend to avoid drama and always want to help people who are in need.



Scenarios / Storylines.

Plots & situations for the character.

Last updated 00 Month 2018.

Scenario Title Here.

genre, rating, status, etc.

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Scenario Title Here.

genre, rating, status, etc.

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uno shoma [A]16:16:55Reply


uno shoma [A]16:17:01Reply


uno shoma [A]16:17:04Reply

Javier: I’ll speak french between your legs.
Yuzuru: That’s… the hottest thing I’ve ever been told.
Shoma: I’m just picturing someone screaming ‘BONJOUR!’ at a .
Maia: Literally none of you should be having , ever.

raproncha May 20, 2019 13:33:32 Reply History 

This’ll be the only time I’ll ever say something as cheesy
as this and I might even delete it out of embarrassment:

I’m bout to butter up between your legs and super saiyan
dive into your majestic buns of plushness with a barbaric
af screech that only a real warrior would do till it ends in
you covered in oRgAnicc namjuice-

Bang Yongguk (Ω) 20 seconds ago Reply

XD it was. We should do it again sometime.
*puts more sprinkles on the butterbread*
go rest your migraine away!

kim myungjun13:35:37Reply

I thought pumpkinbloom was the cutest user

yang jeongin13:35:51Reply

Pumpkinbloom was so cute.

yoon jeonghan13:37:05Reply


yang jeongin13:37:07Reply


yang jeongin13:37:17Reply

Butter bread sprinkles

kim myungjun13:38:03Reply



hwang hyunjin19:57:40Reply

I realised I could actually call you buttercup bc of your u/n


min yoongi 11 minutes ago Reply 

someone find me a better icon please

tomono kazuki [A] 10 minutes ago Reply 

a batter icon

tomono kazuki [A] 10 minutes ago Reply 


huang renjun 9 minutes ago Reply 

/snorting out.

tomono kazuki [A] 9 minutes ago Reply 

shhh i just woke up -

tomono kazuki [A] 9 minutes ago Reply 

mmm batter

sun yein 8 minutes ago Reply 

man did you sleep on rabbit

sun yein 7 minutes ago Reply 

will you ever sleep on me on rabbit so i can never let it go

tomono kazuki [A] 7 minutes ago Reply 

i didjt sleep on rabbit bc im not you --

sun yein 7 minutes ago Reply 

and then
never let you forget it

sun yein 7 minutes ago Reply 


tomono kazuki [A] 7 minutes ago Reply 


sun yein 7 minutes ago Reply 

imma get you one of these days

sun yein 6 minutes ago Reply 

watch is both fall asleep though

sun yein 6 minutes ago Reply 


tomono kazuki [A] 6 minutes ago Reply 

so true

sun yein 5 minutes ago Reply 

bruh its gonna happen

sun yein 5 minutes ago Reply 

i just know
with my luck

sun yein 5 minutes ago Reply 

we should just try to sleep on pumpkin

tomono kazuki [A] 4 minutes ago Reply 

we shoukd

seo changbin [A] 4 minutes ago Reply 

You can do it

sun yein 6 minutes ago Reply 


sun yein 6 minutes ago Reply 

we're gonna sleep on pumpkin

tomono kazuki [A] 6 minutes ago Reply 

pumpkin is comfy

sun yein 6 minutes ago Reply 

if we dont 
ill be sad

tomono kazuki [A] 6 minutes ago Reply 

wwe better then

sun yein 5 minutes ago Reply 

bin if you tell pumpkin 

ill slit your throat with a plastic fork

tomono kazuki [A] 5 minutes ago Reply 


sun yein 5 minutes ago Reply 

i was gonna say thats what we do in prison

huang renjun 5 minutes ago Reply 

u w u

sun yein 5 minutes ago Reply 

but they use spoons

tomono kazuki [A] 5 minutes ago Reply 

abort mission pumpkin appeared

huang renjun 4 minutes ago Reply 


huang renjun 4 minutes ago Reply 

You guys are cute.

sun yein 4 minutes ago Reply 


tomono kazuki [A] 4 minutes ago Reply 

ninja rolls outta here

sun yein 4 minutes ago Reply 

mission cancelled

sun yein 4 minutes ago Reply 

houdini's out the room

huang renjun 2 minutes ago Reply 

I am

huang renjun 2 minutes ago Reply 

Adding that all to my personal profile.

hwang hyunjin20:57:41Reply

You’ll always be pumpkin :<

ahn daniel20:57:47Reply

hwang hyunjin3:57:42 AMReply
You’ll always be pumpkin :<

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